FREE Bible Study for Preteens – Jonah BRAND NEW

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This BRAND NEW Bible Study for Preteens is hot off the press and is FREE but ONLY to subscribers of my blog or facebook followers.

I just finished this Bible Study on the entire book of Jonah.  I say entire, but it’s actually only 4 chapters, but your child will read every word!  In just 10 days, your child will have completed this study and the whole book of Jonah.  This is the perfect Bible Study for summer ESPECIALLY if you plan to visit the BEACH!  You can’t look out at the ocean and not think about how our God is in CONTROL of EVERYTHING!

This free download is based on the honor system!  It’s easiest for me if I just upload here verses emailing everyone directly, so IF you are a subscriber of this blog or facebook follower already, please feel free to download FREE!  If you aren’t already a subscriber, just subscribe now and then download.  Welcome aboard!

Spread the word!  I’m super excited about sharing this Bible Study – just send them here to download please!



Download here:  Jonah

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Product Description:
Bible Studies for Preteens are great first in-depth Bible Studies for this age-group. They take the readers through a portion of the Bible, leaving them with a feeling of success and training them in how to study their own Bibles. The reading passages are divided into manageable and content appropriate chunks. Each Bible study includes Word Checks with definitions, where appropriate, to aid in understanding. Each study also includes relevant and thoughtful questions throughout. In addition, short answer verses long writing assignments make this study fun and not overwhelming.

This particular Bible Study is on Jonah. Among other things, your son or daughter will discover that God is in control of everything – including his/her life!

Your son or daughter will use his/her own Bible to read the passages.

It takes just 10 days to complete this Bible Study.
This study is great for girls or boys!

About the author:

Kathy Hutto is a degreed elementary teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience including traditional school, Christian school, and homeschooling. She has written over a hundred and forty curricula-type products for kids and parents. She has served on committees for writing family devotions and missions curricula. In addition, she currently serves as the Preschool Ministry Coordinator for her Baptist church in Georgia.

Be sure to check out other Bible Studies for Preteens found here or here.


7 comments on “FREE Bible Study for Preteens – Jonah BRAND NEW

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  2. Hi Kathy! I am so glad I found your site. I have been searching for Bible studies for my boys and can’t wait to do the Jonah study. Thank you for sharing!

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