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This blog has adapted through the years to match my changing seasons.  It remains a place to share the things I author, craft ideas, and ministry; the heartbeat of which is to see all people daily In His Presence.  I pray you can glean something useful and edifying here.

Mission statement: To see all people fall in love with Jesus, break free, and live victoriously

Psalm 105:4, “Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually!


7 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Like a lot of people, I have a granddaughter who hates writing. However, I was told she had a great command of the English language. Even using the prompts, we would get the bare minimum required. Finally, we found a solution we thought might help others – She now records her daily “prompt” on her tape recorder and types it into the computer. Sometimes, from one prompt, we will get 10 to 15 stories. She uses her spelling words in them on a regular basis (and her spelling is improving by huge leaps with that add-on). Thanks for the prompts and I hope this little idea helps someone else as much as it has us.


  2. I received an email from curr click. about purchasing your A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum for 1.00 but there is no link to click on. Is there a way for me to do this?


  3. Kathy, I’m trying to research/compare your homeschool planner that’s listed at CurrClick but the full-size preview won’t load for some reason (not sure if it’s on my end or theirs). Is there another way to see an example of the planner before buying it? You can find me at homeschool at northernbranches dot com. Thank you!!


  4. Hi Kathy! I just recently stumbled upon you A to Z toddler & preschool curriculum. Unfortunately, I was only able to obtain a sample version of it. Are you still selling this curriculum? If so, where can I get it? I’m really impress with just the little amount that I have of it. Thanks!


  5. I came across your A to Z toddler & preschool curriculum and I have fell in love with it and I want to see more of your samples but can’t find the samples for D thur Z


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