Fishers of Men Craft

Here’s a neat craft to use when teaching the lesson, “Fishers of Men,” which comes from Matthew 4.

I put about two big squirts of paint into an empty water bottle, replaced the top (very important step!) and then had the  little ones in my Sunday School class shake, shake, shake!!!

Take the top off and let it dry…or if you are short on time and are doing this during Sunday School like me, remove the cap so that the air can escape as you press the bottom of the bottle flat.   Replace the cap and work with the bottom a little more to make it look like a fish tail.

Glue on two wiggly eyes.

Take the top off once more and add the end of a length of fishing line inside the bottle.  Replace the cap and be sure it’s closed tightly.  Add a gem clip hook and fishing lure.  I tied the silver gem clip to the fishing line near the mouth and clipped the lure with the gem clip.  If I had more time, I wanted to use needle to feed the lure onto the line.


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