FREE Bible Study for Preteens – Eve

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Summer is a great time to encourage your daughters to read their Bibles.  Here’s a free Bible study on Eve.

Remember, we will begin an Online Women’s Bible Study in three weeks. We will spend the summer studying women of the Bible and we will start with Eve.  Make sure you’ve subscribed to this blog.  I’m also planning to post daily videos on my Youtube channel.  More details on that soon.

Download the FREE Bible Study for Preteens on Eve below:


You can order more Bible Studies such as this one here.

In His Presence Family Connection May 8


Today’s Post…

This week, we will take a look at some Parables that aren’t the most well known.  They all focus on spiritual verses earthly rewards.  I wrote these lessons over the weekend for a team taking a mission trip to Alaska.  Hope your family enjoys them!

The Rich Fool (Luke 12:15-21)

Focus – A heavenly saving’s account (What’s more important earthly riches or spiritual ones?)

Attention Grabber:

Object Lesson –

Object Lesson Materials: worn out, broken items that were once valuable or important to someone (broken watch, rusted item, clothing that has holes, etc.)

Procedure: Talk about each item – how nice it used to be, how much money it must have

cost, how much the owners must have loved them, but now they are worthless. Talk about

how earthly treasures don’t last, but heavenly treasures will.  Explain that today’s parable is about someone who put their trust in the wrong kind of treasures.

Bible Study:

Read Luke 12:15-21

Jesus told the parable about a man that had a very good harvest.  His barns weren’t even large enough for all he had, so he built bigger barns.  He spent so much time working on getting more and more stuff here, but didn’t spend any time working on things that would matter eternally.

Did you know we have kind of a bank account in heaven?

Read Matthew 16:27

The Bible teaches that we will be rewarded in heaven based on our deeds.

Read Daniel 12:3

It appears that one way to earn a reward in heaven is to tell people about the gospel so that they become saved.  Also, Jesus seems to point to using our wealth for purposes which are heavenly such as helping the poor, supporting missionaries, etc.  We will talk more about this in tomorrow’s parable – The Shrewd Manager.

What will the reward be?  The Bible doesn’t specify, but it does point to these two things:

  • Joy (Luke 15:6-7)
  • Responsibilities (Matthew 25:14-30)

There are probably other rewards too!

Read Matthew 6:19-21

Wherever you spend the most time laying your treasure, that’s where it will be stored.  Since heaven is forever, make sure you spend most of your time earning treasures that will last eternally!


Good Deeds Egg Carton Treasure Box – spray paint the egg cartons in advance.  Have the kids add sequins and jewel stickers.

treasure box egg carton

Found this craft and picture above here:

good deed coins picture.jpg

Add Good Deed Coins inside the box.  (print on bright yellow paper if you can)

Good deed coins


Treasure Tag – Pirate’s love treasure!  Pretend a pool noodle is a sword and use it to play tag.  The person who is “it” must try to touch the others with the pool noodle.  If you get touched, you become the pirate after the treasure.

For further study, this article was A-mazing!


Growing Character Bible Study Journal Week 10 Abigail & Humility

growing character cover

I just added Week 10 to the Growing Character Bible Study Journal.  The character word is Humility.  The Character Study is Abigail.

I LOVE Abigail!  She was a beautiful, intelligent, wise woman, who brilliantly displayed humility.

This entire story is so fascinating.  In fact, I based my Family Connection Online Bible Study this week on this story. Check it out here.

Here’s a little teaser…

Do you know what happened to Goliath’s sword after David used it to behead him?  Did you think David got to keep it?  He didn’t!  But, later he finds it.  It was stored in a tabernacle and he gets it back!  (1 Samuel 21:9)

Please do me a huge favor and let your homeschooling friends know about this resource.  It’s near and dear to my heart!  I truly believe that our girls need to be in the Word every day!  I want them to study these awesome women of the Bible as they are growing into awesome women of God themselves!  I recommend getting a white notebook with a clear pocket on the front.  Print the cover sheet and slip in the clear cover pocket.  Fill the notebook with the weeks I’ve already finished.  Add to the notebook as new content is uploaded.  When finished, your daughter will have 47 weeks worth of Bible studies in her notebook! And hey, buy her a super cute pen to go with this!;)  You can also get creative with the bookmark.  I’m thinking a trendy ribbon hot glued on the spine (kind of like the ribbon ones found in Bibles) would be a good idea.  Let us know in the Comment section if you have other ideas.

Click here to order through Teacherspayteachers.




We have Secret Church tonight with David Platt. So good!

If you can, stream this with your family now. Or look for a recording after.

Summer Reading Club right in your home FREEBIE

summer reading

Here’s a freebie to get your ready for summer!  It’s a Summer Reading Club you set up right in your home. 


Summer Reading Program


This resource includes details about how to set up the club, printable logs (very fun and trendy), token redemption list, printable tokens, coupons, and even Summer Boredom Buster ideas.

Here’s how it works…

Tokens are rewarded for books/minutes read:

For really young kids, 1 book read to them = 1 token

For young kids (1st & 2nd grade), 1 book picture book read = 1 token

For older kids(3rd grade and up), 15 minutes = 1 token

Your older kids will need a timer.  There are several options:

•You can purchase simple kitchen timers from the Dollar Store
•Download an App – I recommend: Toddler Timeout App – free on Amazon.  It’s a very simple timer.  You can type in 15 minutes and when those minutes are up, a bell rings.
•A stopwatch will be best for avid readers who won’t want to stop when a bell rings at 15 minutes.  They can just turn the stopwatch on when they begin reading and off when they finish reading.
•Let your child use a log (provided) to keep track of minutes read.

Keeping up with tokens:

You will need to print one of sheets (provided) so that your child can keep up with the number of tokens he has earned.  For example, you can print the balloon sheet and for every 15 minutes read, your child takes a pencil and “pops” a balloon.  He/she can turn in the sheet when s/he wants to redeem their tokens for prizes.


Included in this resource is a Token Redemption Sheet.  It lists token values and prize suggestions.  For example, 10 tokens can be redeemed for a prize from the Treasure Box (Dollar Tree items in a plastic box) and 50 tokens can be redeemed for a new book.  The rule of thumb is 10 cent = 1 token.  There is a place for you to add your own prize items specific to your child(ren)’s interests.

This resource has everything you need to start this club and more!  There are printable bookmarks, a certificate, and even Summer Time Boredom Buster ideas. partners with Worldbook

worldbook.jpg just partnered with World Book to make TEN massive libraries of content available to our members as part of their membership.

Here’s the link.

I’m a Lesson Designer for and this is exciting news!

I’m also a member of and have enjoyed using it in my own homeschool.  For example, my son has enjoyed watching the Drive Thru History videos.  There are accompanying worksheets you can download for each session as well as essay prompts.

The price to join is $99 for the entire year, which is half off.  You must use the code:  SPRINGSAVINGS.  This offer ends May 31, so hurry!


Becoming a member of automatically makes you an affiliate.  So, if you wouldn’t mind using any of the links in this post to join, I’d appreciate it greatly!

Here’s the link once more.

Priscilla Shirer The Prince Warriors read along book & lapbook


Throughout the years of homeschooling, one of my favorite things to do (and I think the kids enjoyed it equally) was to read aloud a chapter book to them at night.

In your selection, don’t limit yourself to books at their reading level.  The listening level is much higher than the reading level, and let’s face it, most chapter books are much more entertaining!  Reading above the reading level also enhances vocabulary.

One of last books we’ve read in this way was Priscilla Shirer’s book, The Prince Warriors.  Last summer, we had little cousins visiting and we read a chapter or two each night.

I created a lapbook to go along with the book so it could be used for homeschool or if your child reads on his/her own, the lapbook can help check comprehension.

You can get the lapbook through Currclick at this link:

I highly recommend this book for many reasons.  Bu, the best one is that it is a great parallel of spiritual warface.  I believe it will be an eye opener – in a good way.  It’s high energy and a fun read – for parent and kids!

Note:  I haven’t created lapbooks for Books 2 and 3 in this series, but if you contact me, I’ll send you the editable Powerpoint file, so you can quickly create one yourself.:)

Growing Character Bible Study Journal for girls Updated

(Since it’s Spring Break week, I’m taking a break from the Family Connection posts.  I’ll get started back up next week!)

growing character cover.jpg

I just added Week 8 to the Growing Character Devotional Journal.  In addition, I tweaked the cover just a tad.  It reads, Growing Character Bible Study Journal now.  I felt this was a more accurate title since girls are reading straight from their own Bibles and hopefully learning to study the Bible for themselves.  It’s been a pleasure studying the women of the Bible and assigning character traits that they exemplify.

Week 8 is all about Eve, the very first woman.  Did you know that her name is only mentioned 4 times in the whole Bible?  Did you know that her beauty, which must have been flawless, is never mentioned!  It was the great purpose God had for her that is included in Scripture.  And Eve was very purposeful in carrying it out! (which is the character word for Week 8) Hope your daughter will see her value in the inner person and not in outward beauty after reading all about Eve.



Don’t forget, Moms, to subscribe to my blog so that we can have our own Bible Study time!  We are reading through the Gospels and as soon as my teenage son helps me figure it out, I’m adding a live Youtube feed each morning so I can give you the day’s Scripture reading and pray for you.  Hopefully next week! 🙂