We have Secret Church tonight with David Platt. So good!

If you can, stream this with your family now. Or look for a recording after.

Scripture Card Luke 18:27 free printable

Scripture Card Luke 18 27

Here’s a free Scripture card printable for you.  Thought someone might need this verse.  I know I’ve been encouraged by it lately.  Print and put on your refrigerator, mirror, or kitchen window.

Download here:

Scripture Card Luke 18 27

In His Presence Family Connection April 20


Today’s Post…

Watch the Andy Griffith episode, Sermon for Today.

(Just a fun video to lead into the devotional I’ve entitled, “What’s Your Hurry?”

Talking Points: (written from my point of view as I share it in my devo time with my children tonight)

  • When you get the urgency to do something on the spur, its a good idea to “red flag” that notion.
  • What I’ve found in my life is that God usually tells me to do something and then I begin to pray about and ask Him for confirmation.  And He provides it, usually from several sources (a sermon, a Scripture, something I read…)
  • What I’ve found is that when I act impulsively, I usually put my foot in my mouth and/or “set back” something the Lord was working on or trying to do in that person’s life or it hurts my relationship with that person.
  • Be aware the enemy loves to trick us into acting impulsively.  He will make that thing seem so urgent.  He will make it seem like the best thing and the right thing to do in the moment.  He will make you believe it’s up to you to act – now!
  • But, I’ve found that God usually doesn’t tell me to do something on the spur of the moment.
  • Of course, there are times when He does need us to act quickly, but I could probably count those times on one hand.  (based on my personal experience)  For example, once we were at a restaurant and I felt led to share the gospel with a man that sat down nearby.  I did not do so, and regret it to this day.
  • But, more often than not, impulsively rushing forward to do something (even if it seems like such a good thing) is not always the best choice.  And often, that strong impulse is from the enemy.
  • Pray every morning and ask God for discernment for your day.

Summer Reading Club right in your home FREEBIE

summer reading

Here’s a freebie to get your ready for summer!  It’s a Summer Reading Club you set up right in your home. 


Summer Reading Program


This resource includes details about how to set up the club, printable logs (very fun and trendy), token redemption list, printable tokens, coupons, and even Summer Boredom Buster ideas.

Here’s how it works…

Tokens are rewarded for books/minutes read:

For really young kids, 1 book read to them = 1 token

For young kids (1st & 2nd grade), 1 book picture book read = 1 token

For older kids(3rd grade and up), 15 minutes = 1 token

Your older kids will need a timer.  There are several options:

•You can purchase simple kitchen timers from the Dollar Store
•Download an App – I recommend: Toddler Timeout App – free on Amazon.  It’s a very simple timer.  You can type in 15 minutes and when those minutes are up, a bell rings.
•A stopwatch will be best for avid readers who won’t want to stop when a bell rings at 15 minutes.  They can just turn the stopwatch on when they begin reading and off when they finish reading.
•Let your child use a log (provided) to keep track of minutes read.

Keeping up with tokens:

You will need to print one of sheets (provided) so that your child can keep up with the number of tokens he has earned.  For example, you can print the balloon sheet and for every 15 minutes read, your child takes a pencil and “pops” a balloon.  He/she can turn in the sheet when s/he wants to redeem their tokens for prizes.


Included in this resource is a Token Redemption Sheet.  It lists token values and prize suggestions.  For example, 10 tokens can be redeemed for a prize from the Treasure Box (Dollar Tree items in a plastic box) and 50 tokens can be redeemed for a new book.  The rule of thumb is 10 cent = 1 token.  There is a place for you to add your own prize items specific to your child(ren)’s interests.

This resource has everything you need to start this club and more!  There are printable bookmarks, a certificate, and even Summer Time Boredom Buster ideas. partners with Worldbook

worldbook.jpg just partnered with World Book to make TEN massive libraries of content available to our members as part of their membership.

Here’s the link.

I’m a Lesson Designer for and this is exciting news!

I’m also a member of and have enjoyed using it in my own homeschool.  For example, my son has enjoyed watching the Drive Thru History videos.  There are accompanying worksheets you can download for each session as well as essay prompts.

The price to join is $99 for the entire year, which is half off.  You must use the code:  SPRINGSAVINGS.  This offer ends May 31, so hurry!


Becoming a member of automatically makes you an affiliate.  So, if you wouldn’t mind using any of the links in this post to join, I’d appreciate it greatly!

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