Proverbs 31 Woman

Don’t we all just love it when someone mentions the Proverbs 31 woman.  Almost immediately most women’s eyes just roll as they let out a little sarcastic chuckle.  But I decided to read this chapter again.  It seems like she just keeps coming up lately.  She’s even the Good Morning Girls topic for their summer Bible Study (more on that below).

This time, I read it in a new way; maybe with a fresh pair of Holy Spirit led eyes.  Turns out, there are some very basic fundamentals that we can learn from her.  We don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to apply the basic truths I think this chapter is trying to get across to us.

I found 4 themes in this chapter:

  • Her family is top priority!
  • Her relationship with her husband is important.
  • She has Godly Qualities.
  • She helps her family financially.

The theme, “Her family is top priority,” is covered in most of the verses.  In fact, there are 8 verses that talk about this:  vs. 13&21 (prepares for her family-food and clothing), vs. 14 (goes to great lengths to feed them well), vs. 15 (rises early to prepare food), vs. 17 (hard worker-strong), vs. 18 (puts in a long day of work), vs. 19. (makes clothes for her family), vs. 27 (not lazy-good home manager).

The theme regarding her relationship with her husband is mentioned 4 times (equal to the number of verses about her Godly Qualities – I wonder if that’s because when she is doing what the Bible says a wife should do, He honors that and it shows in her character.)  Here are those verses:  vs. 11 (he can trust her), vs. 23 (she adds to his good name-she does nothing to embarrass him or bring shame, but instead honor), vs. 28 (he calls her blessed), vs. 28 (he praises her).

The theme, “Godly Qualities,” is mentioned 4 times.  Those verses include:  vs. 20 (helps poor/needy), vs. 25 (strength and honor-Godly characteristics), vs. 26 (opens her mouth with wisdom and kindness), vs. 30 (fears the Lord)

The theme, “Helps Family Financially,” is mentioned 2 times.  Those verses include: vs. 16 (investing/reinvesting-savvy with money), vs. 24 (makes and sells linen garments).  Just a thought, this is mentioned just a quarter of the number of times that “Family Top Priority” is.  Hum..something to think about.

Something else to note is that she is takes care of her personal appearance too!  Ouch…no sweat pants!  She wears fine linen (silk) and purple (vs. 22).  Actually, this one should encourage us…it’s okay to take care of YOU too!

So…there you have it, the Proverbs 31 Woman in a Nutshell!  Her family is top priority.  She knows and applies what the Bible says about being a wife, and she possesses Godly qualities and helps her family financially.


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