How to Teach Sunday School Using the Bible







I just created a video showing how to use the Bible to teach a Sunday School lesson.

Click here to watch this video on Youtube.

Using the Bible when you teach Sunday School is important for three reasons:

1 – The Bible is exciting. I want children to see that the stories like Jonah, Noah, and Daniel are true stories. This will spark an excitement for God’s Word and hopefully will make children want to read it for themselves.
2 – The Bible is true. The stories are not make-believe from story books.
3 – The Bible is sufficient for daily living. As we pull out truths from Scripture, children will begin to see the necessity of reading their Bibles.

The Bible is a major tool God uses to speak to His people. We must do what we can to point children to read their Bibles and pray daily.

Striving to point people of ALL ages to spend time daily In His Presence.


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