The Bible’s Sufficiency

Theme:  The Bible’s Sufficiency

Family Memory Verse:  Psalm 119:11

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

Discussion Starter:

Put a bag of microwave popcorn, melted butter, salt, and a big bowl on the counter in the kitchen.  Also write on a sticky note the number of minutes it takes for the microwave to pop the corn.   Instruct your children that they are to go into the kitchen and make popcorn for the family.  Tell them that everything they need is already on the counter.  When they return with the bowl, say, “I made sure you had everything you needed to make the popcorn.”


Read 2 Timothy 3:15-17. (Have everyone get their own Bibles and find the passage.)

Just as you had everything you needed to make the popcorn, God has also made sure we have everything we need to help us live the Christian life.  We call this sufficiency.

The 1828 Webster’s dictionary defines sufficiency as:  qualification for any purpose; ability; adequate power.

The Bible is sufficient because it is the only inspired and therefore inerrant words of God that we need, in order to know the way of salvation (“make you wise unto salvation”vs. 15) and the way of obedience (“equipped for every good work” vs. 17).  We don’t need any more special revelation.

The Bible is sufficient to:

  • equip us
  • help us know how to be saved
  • prepares us to do good works

Believers are commanded to study the Bible for themselves. God has given believers all things necessary to understand the Scriptures. As one studies the Bible the truths about God and His plan become more and more clear.

Activity this week:

Choose one or all of these practical applications:

1.  Adopt a “quiet time” with Scripture as your center piece.

2.  Meditate on Scripture throughout the day.

3.  Study the Bible to see what it says about issues you are facing.  Use a concordance, topical Bible, study guide or


Prayer:  Pray together thanking God for His sufficient Word.


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