Father’s Day Sunday School Lesson

Here’s our Sunday School lesson for this Sunday.  Hope it helps!

We meet in a large group when student first arrive.  We will be acting out the story of the Prodigal Son.  This provides a great example of a good earthly father and points toward our Heavenly Father.

  Sunday School Lesson


God is our Heavenly Father.

Memory Verse:

Psalms 86:5, “You are forgiving and good, O Lord, abounding in love to all who call to you.”

Life Applications:

God is our Heavenly Father.  He is forgiving; meets our needs; knows us; gives good gifts; is in control; and cares about our future.

In the Classroom:

 Today is Father’s Day.  Let’s list some characteristics of our dads.  (Let the children list these orally.)  It’s important that we thank God for our dads.  (Be sensitive to those children who may not have a daddy present in the home.)

God is known as our Heavenly Father.  What makes Him like a father?  There are some characteristics of God that we will discuss today that you probably listed as those of a good earthly father.  Remember that earthly fathers are human and make mistakes sometimes, but we can always count on our Heavenly Father.

God is loving.

Read Romans 5:8 and Psalm 86:5

God is forgiving.

Read Matthew 6:14

God knows what we need and meets our needs.

Read Matthew 6:32 and Matthew 6:26

God knows all about you.

Read Luke 12:7

God gives good gifts.

Read Luke 11:13

God is in control.

Read Matthew 15:13

God is concerned about your future.

Read Jeremiah 29:11

If time…

Have everyone find Luke 15:11-31, in their own Bibles.

Read the “Parable of the Lost Son” from Luke 15:11-31 or tell it in your own words. (this will be acted out during Praise Park time)

Memory Verse Activity:

Use the neck tie sheet to put the verse in order.  You can do this as a class, individually, or even have your students glue these in order on construction paper.

Sunday School father's day verse poster








Download memory verse tie sheet here:  Sunday School father’s day verse poster pdf


Kindergarten – Copy the “Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad…Hands Down!” sheet onto cardstock paper.  Paint the kids’ hands and have them press their hands upside down. (you can email me for this sheet)

1st – 5th – Make Father’s Day Cards

Family Fun has some very cute cards for Father’s Day using scrapbook paper.  There is scrapbook paper at church.


Kindergarten (11:00 hour)

Review the lesson above, especially if you have children who have just arrived.

There will be some extra coloring pages on the cart on Sunday for you.

Sing, “Father Abraham.”

Complete the “I Like Daddy Because” sheets found at http://www.ministrytochildren.com. (email me if you can’t find it)


Danielle’s Place (daniellesplace.com)  has a great lesson on the Prodigal Son.  I think we will use that for our skit during our large meeting time.


2 Replies to “Father’s Day Sunday School Lesson”

  1. thanks for posting this lesson. I had a last minute change as father’s day slipped our minds till the last min. We have the added issue of a new family that has come from a pretty messed up home life so your lesson on God as your father is just perfect and I can use it by also including the attributes of grand dad. thank you so much.


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