Jesus had a family…we do too

Family Devotion Guide

Theme:  Jesus had a family…we do too


Read Luke 1:26-38.

Family Memory Verse:

For nothing is impossible with God.  Luke 1:37

Discussion Starter:

Place a bowl filled with Hershey’s Kisses in front of your children.

Tell them that they may eat as many and they want as long as they don’t use their hands to unwrap them.  Allow time to try.


It was nearly impossible to get the paper off of the Hershey’s Kisses without using your hands.

Ask, What are things that are impossible for us to do that God can do?  Is there anything that is impossible for God to do?  Why or Why not?

In our scripture reading, we learned that an angel told Mary she would have a baby-God’s son.  She thought this was impossible because she wasn’t married.  But with God, nothing is impossible.

Mary’s cousin Elizabeth, who was a much older woman – maybe the age of your grandmother – was also going to have a baby.  This seemed impossible, but not for God.  Read Luke 1:13-19.

Ask, What is something that you are facing that seems impossible?  What do you think Jesus would have you do about that “impossible” thing?


Ask God to help you remember that nothing is impossible for Him.

Advent Activity:

Create an Advent Wreath.  Purchase or make a wreath by fastening evergreen branches into a circle.  Place 5 candle holders within the greenery – add 3 purple, 1 rose, and 1 white candle to the holders.  Light one candle each night for a week during your family devotional in this order:  1st purple (hope), 2nd purple (preparation), 3rd rose (joy), 4th purple (love), 5th white (Christ..spotless lamb of God).  Continue to light the previous candle and an additional each week.  At the end of the five weeks, all the candles will be lit.


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