Elephant Foot

I was watching the Andy Griffith show the other day.  It was the one about the old tramp who was stealing cows at night by putting shoes on them.  The characters spent the whole show analyzing footprints left by the cows.  At the end of the show, the Taylors were cleaning out their attic and Opie finds an umbrella stand in the shape of an elephant’s foot.  He starts yielding it all over the place making footprints in his yard.   (You can image Barney’s reaction when he came over later and saw those prints!)  If you have Netflix, you can watch it – Season 3, Episode 5.

Anyway, I was thinking about that elephant’s foot.  I want to be like that foot–a vessel the Lord can yield where He wants.  I want to be available to Him–my hands for His service; my feet to go where He needs me to go; my mouth to relay what He wants me to say.  I love the Casting Crowns song with the line, “I want to be Your hands and feet…”

In order to be “an elephant foot” for Christ, I have to listen to Him to hear what He wants me to do.  This means making time to spend with Him.  Recently, I felt the Lord telling me to anonymously buy a Streams in the Desert devotional book for someone who had recently lost his spouse to cancer.  How did I know He was telling me to do it?  If God is telling me, He doesn’t usually tell me just once; He continues to remind me!  It was almost a relief when I bought it and stuck it into the mailbox!  What a great feeling to know  I could be used by God!

Keep spending time in His Presence and try to be an “elephant foot” for Him!  I’m praying for ya!


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