Nehemiah’s Wall Craft and Game









Nehemiah’s Wall

I needed a quick craft for Sunday School last week and came up with this one on the spot.

Directions:  I used construction paper and cut slits in two sides and taped up like a box.  The kids added stickers to the inside, but with a little more planning, you could enhance it by drawing stone blocks on the wall, adding stand-up people inside, etc.










Defend the Wall Game

We also played this game.  It was suggested in our lesson (We use Lifeway’s Gospel Project).

Directions:  Stack the cups and have several students stand in front to “defend the wall from enemies.”  The rest of the class stands in line behind a piece of tape.  They take turns throwing a soft type ball and trying to knock down the wall.  Those defending the wall should bat with their hands or kick the ball away before it wrecks the wall.