John the Baptist was Born File Folder Game

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As most of my readers already know, I am the Preschool Ministry Coordinator for my church. I prepare all of the Sunday School lesson materials ahead of time and leave them “ready to go” on the teachers’ counters each week. That way, a teacher can study the lesson at home and then come in on Sunday with all the supplies she needs at her fingertips. This is especially helpful when we have substitutes serving in the Preschool Department.

I created this craft to go along with the story, John the Baptist was Born. Provide each student with a file folder. Print copies of the cover and the two picture sheets. Provide each preschooler with a pair of safety scissors. (I will cut the cover pieces in advance and glue them to the folders.) Let the kids cut the picture sheets and glue one of each the matching sets to the inside of the folder. Store the other half of the match in a sandwich baggie. I usually staple mine to the folder so the kids don’t lose the baggie.

Let the kids work on finding all the matches. You may choose to explain that the bee images represent the wild honey John ate when he grew up. The grasshopper image represents the locusts that John ate when he grew up. Yuck! The other baby-related images remind us that John was a baby boy who was born to prepare the way for Jesus.

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John the Baptist was Born File Folder Game

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