In His Presence Family Connection May 17


Every afternoon, I will post something for you to share with your family in the evening.  It may be a talking point, a short video, a Scripture to read, etc.

Today’s Post…

If you missed Tuesday’s post, take a look at it here.  We are taking a careful look at some sins Anne Graham Lotz listed in her book, The Daniel Prayer.

Today’s sin is: Losing Love for God.

Take some time to discuss what that means.

  • Are there things you put before God?
  • Is the main motivation behind the decisions you make “to bring God glory?”
  • Has your love gotten stagnant?

Pray and confess this sin and be specific about telling God the things you’ve put before Him.


In His Presence Family Connection May 16


Every afternoon, I will post something for you to share with your family in the evening.  It may be a talking point, a short video, a Scripture to read, etc.

Today’s Post…

A Bath on the Inside

Anne Graham Lotz writes in her book, The Daniel Prayer, that she read a little book by an old-timey revivalist that challenged readers to “look to our own hearts and the spiritual ground that had perhaps become hardened over time.”  The author listed sins that at first glance Anne didn’t recognize in herself.  But, by third reading, she saw herself in them all.  She spent 7 days working through that list; confessing her sins.  But, at the end, she said it felt like she’d had a bath on the inside!

For our Family Devo.  time over the next week or so, let’s take a look at some items on that list, one sin each day.  Let’s really let the Holy Spirit reveal to us if each is a sin we’ve been committing.  Then, spend some time in confession.

Explain to your children that as Christians, our sins are paid for.  But, when we sin, we should still ask forgiveness.  It’s tempting to make a blanket statement such as, “Forgive me for all my sins.”  But, Anne writes that the author in the little booklet pointed out that because we sin one at a time, we should review and repent of our sins one by one.

Why is it important to confess sin?

  • sin hinders our relationship with God
  • sin often leads to further sin and a hardened heart (begin not to even identify a sin as sin anymore)
  • personal revival

Today’s word:  Ingratitude

  • As a family define gratitude/ingratitude and make sure everyone understands its meaning.

Here’s how Websters 1828 dictionary defines gratitude.

“…heart, excited by a favor or benefit received”

“a disposition to make a suitable return of benefits or services, or when no return can be made, with a desire to see the benefactor prosperous and happy…a virtue of the highest excellence, as it implies a feeling and generous heart, and a proper sense of duty.”

  • Ask, Do you have so much gratitude that it causes you to want to please God?  That’s what can happen when we focus our hearts this way.  Our hearts get excited and we want to bless and serve the Lord even more!
  • Make a list of things to show gratitude to God for.  This list can include things like salvation, but also specific blessings you’re family has received.
  • Challenge your family to look for things they should have gratitude for.  Spend some time thanking God together.

In His Presence Family Connection May 15


Today’s Post…

Read Luke 6.

There are so many things to notice in this one chapter. First, read this chapter together.  Let each person share the things they notice.

Here are a few things I picked out. (Be sure you let everyone try to discover for themselves before sharing my list.)

  • Jesus always answered with Scripture.  We should KNOW Scripture.
  • Jesus healed that man and the Pharisees were filled with rage.  It was a good thing that Jesus did, but they were always looking for fault.  They completely overlooked the good.  You can see their motives-selfishness, pride, fear…
  • Jesus continued all night in prayer to God.
  • Jesus chose 12 disciples among many.  Many had been following him, including the 12, but it was in this chapter that he singled them out.
  • He healed them ALL.
  • Verse 22 mentions “Blessed are you…when they exclude you.  Do you feel excluded sometimes for your faith?
  • Speck/plank – Do you ever find fault with someone, when you’re doing the same or worse? (verses 41-42)

Teach your children that when they study the Bible, they should read small sections (a chapter is a bit much for one sitting if you are really going to let it sink in.)  Pick out the things you notice at first.  Re-read it.  Give yourself time to think about what you’re reading.

I recently read this line from author and speaker, Nancy Demoss, who writes, “After spending extended time doing personal meditation, I will pull out other commentaries to shed additional light on the subject.” (

Make sure you give yourself and the Holy Spirit a chance to teach you straight from His Word.  The Bible is truly alive and active! (Hebrews 4:12)

In His Presence Online Bible Study May 12


Today’s Scripture:

Read Luke 5:16-39

Beginning Monday, we will read 1 chapter of Luke per day.  I’d like for us to finish Luke before we begin our summer study of Twelve Extraordinary Women of the Bible.  We will begin on June 12.  Be sure you have purchased the book, Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur.  I found mine on eBay for about $6.  You don’ t have to purchase the book to participate in this study.  We will be reading straight from Scripture, but it’s a good resource for our study.

Even if you have missed some weeks, pick up with our reading today.  The rest of Luke contains rich parables and miracles.  It ends with Jesus’ death and resurrection.  I’m excited about reading this account from Luke since we have learned of his attention to detail.

If you’re new to our In His Presence Bible Study, Welcome!  Click here to learn more.




In His Presence Family Connection May 11


Today’s Post…

Building on a Solid Foundation (Matthew 7:21-27)

Attention Grabber:

Object Lesson – Object Lesson Materials: bag of small marshmallows, box of toothpicks, paper plates Procedure: Divide out the marshmallows and toothpicks into groups on the paper plates. Tell the kids that they will have a building contest to see who can build the tallest structure with their materials in 10 minutes. Set a timer, then let them work in groups to build. When finished, talk about the challenges of building their towers. What helped them build a tall, strong tower? Having a strong foundation allows you to build bigger and higher. Share that today’s parable is all about building a strong spiritual foundation-one where  Christ is the center.

Bible Study:

Read Matthew 7:24-27.

Jesus said whoever “hears these words of Mine…” What words was He talking about?

He was talking about the truths found in the Bible.

It is so important that we read our Bibles and KNOW what is true based on Scripture. It’s important that we KNOW how God wants us to act. It’s important that we KNOW the commandments that we are to obey.  THEN, it’s important that we OBEY!

If we don’t obey and instead HEAR those truths and do what we want to anyway, we will be like the man who built his house on sand. When the tough times of life came along, his house just washed away. He didn’t have a solid foundation.

How do you think a Christian can have a solid foundation? Here are three ways…

  • Know God’s Commandments—Know the basic 10. Let’s see if we can remember them right now. (1-Do not have other gods besides the one true God. 2-Do not make an idol to worship. 3-Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God. 4-Keep the Sabbath day holy. 5-Honor your father and your mother. 6-Do not murder. 7-Keep your marriage promises. 8-Do not steal. 9-Do not lie. 10-Do not want things that be-long to someone else.) – Use the Ten Commandments poster found here, if you want.
  • Read your Bible Often—God’s word is active and “alive.” That just means that when you read Scripture, God can make something just stand out to you. This is one way Jesus speaks to you.
  • Pray—talk to God right back! Talk to Him about EVERYTHING! He wants you to. He cares about you so much. With all the millions of people in the world, you might think that He doesn’t have time to be that focused on you, but I assure you, He is! There are many truths in God’s Word that say that. (Read the “I Am” sheet from today’s Craft section.)


Make a wooden plaque with the I Am poster decoupaged on and other scrapbook embellishments.

Supplies:  thin wood sheet for each child, watered down glue in small paper cups.  Sponges (cut into quarters) – 1 for each child, I Am sheet, various scrapbook paper  scraps

I AM poster

I Am poster plain

Directions:  Give each child a wooden sheet, I Am sheet, cup with watered-down glue and sponge.  Have them dip the sponge into the glue mixture and spread on the board.  Then place the I Am Sheet and other scrapbook embellishments on the board to make a plaque.  (If you choose to drill holes in advance, then have the kids attach a rope hanger.


Human pyramid – try to build a pyramid with family members

Remember, you need a firm foundation (older ones on bottom)