Stocking Stuffer Coupon Book for homeschoolers

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Looking for quick and easy stocking stuffers?  This stocking stuffer coupon book designed specifically for homeschoolers is sure to be a big hit!  Toward the end of the school year, the search for left-over coupons begins as the kids scramble to find those coveted last un-used coupons.

Homeschool stocking stuffer coupons have been a fun tradition every year at our house and I hope that your children will enjoy finding these in their stockings this year as well!

Simply print, cut, and staple to form a coupon book.  Print on photo paper for a special “coupon” look!

I decided to purchase some fun chalkboard graphics to make these coupons extra special!

There are 20 ready-made coupons and 3 customizable coupons (write on the chalkboard paper using chalk or a white crayon).

**2 Versions – Chalkboard and Black and White**

Coupons included:

2 – Get out of one school assignment free coupons

Hot cocoa with extra marshamallows!

Movie rental coupon

Delayed start to school-one hour

Reading day coupon

Sleep in coupon

Your birthday off coupon

You choose dinner – What’ll it be?

Go to the library today coupon

Delayed bedtime coupon

Cook something yummy – You name it!

Bubble bath coupon – Relax – with candles and extra bubbles

Brand new pencil – Your choice:cute or mechanical

Get out of one chore free coupon

100 on spelling test this week!

Out to lunch – let’s go!

No handwriting this week

Science experiment – Let’s have fun!

Computer time – It’s my turn – 1 hour

3 customizable coupons

Merry Christmas!

Kathy Hutto

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FREE Advent Family Devotions eBook – starts today

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Our family is doing advent devotions beginning today and continuing for the next 3 weeks – Monday through Friday.

You can download a FREE copy of the advent entitled, “In the Beginning…God had a plan, 15 advent family devotions”

This devo takes you through the story of the Bible, showing you God’s big plan – connecting the dots from Creation to Jesus’ return.

There’s something for everyone in this devotion, so even if you don’t have children or have teens, you can dig deeper with the “Second Helping” sections.


God’s Sovereignty – Free poster

Sovereignty poster








Sovereignty poster

I just listed to the latest sermon from Passion City Church and Louie Giglio.

Here’s the link: (Look for the sermon titled, The Sovereignty of God in the Chaos of Christmas)

I am very visual and there were some good truths in this sermon, so I decided to create a poster to hang on the frig to remind me.

Louie mentions the song, Holy is the Lord by Chris Tomlin.  Here’s that link:



Cyber Sale ends soon TeacherspayTeachers

300 × 300

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Pass it on!  Thanks so much!

Here are some products you may like:

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Silly Sentences for December (FREE) – like Mad Libs (10 silly stories)

December Spelling Test Sheets – use for your spelling words, color the picture while you wait for the next word to be called

January Spelling Test Sheets

Lapbook Templates (make your own Christmas lapbook)


Kathy :)


Granny Loves Thanksgiving FREE CVC and Sight Word Game

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Download this FREE CVC and Sight Word Game! 

132 CVC Word Cards (such as tap, hat, pan…) and over 300 Sight Word Cards in the shape of food items that you feed to Grandma!

You simply glue the large granny face printable included to an empty cereal box, cut out the mouth section, and let the kids read and feed granny!  The word cards go neatly into the box.

Please share this freebie with anyone interested!

Granny Loves Thanksgiving game



Isaiah 26:3 and Psalm 46 posters FREE












I just got an email from someone (thanks Linda) who had seen a poster I had created.  She wondered if I had created any others.

The poster she had found was an Isaiah 26:3 poster that I created for Mentoring Moments some time back.  You can view the article and download that poster here.

Here are two brand new ones…

Psalm 46 poster 1 jpg











Psalm 46 poster 2 jpg










Download both here: Psalm 46 poster



Be sure to follow this blog.  I will try to create new posters like these and post here along with other freebies.

Bible Character Study on Job (for girls AND boys!)

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At the request of my son, I have written a Bible Character Study for boys (or girls) on Job!  He came to me while I was writing the first character studies (Ruth, Hannah, Rebekah) and asked me to write one for him.  I asked him who he wanted me to write about?  I expected him to say Daniel or David, but he matter of factly said, “Job.”  He said, “I know that will take some time because Job is longer.”  But, I was so excited, I jumped at the chance to create this study for him on Job.

I have to admit, at first I thought I knew the story well and this was going to be pretty basic, but as I read the book of Job, my eyes were opened to new things.  Isn’t it fascinating that the Bible is living and active?(Hebrews 4:12)


Here’s a brand new Bible Character Study on Job.  My son is just about to finish it this week and has been my editor.;)  He’s had a lot of insight and comments throughout, so I think this one will be pretty fun.  There are hidden whirlwinds to find and you even have to flip back and forth a few times to certain pages (i.e. go back to page 5 to find out what Job learned)

Hope your boy (or girl) enjoys this study!  BTW…this one is a little more indepth than the others, which were written for my fifth grade daughter.  This one has a little more reading each day, but not a ton of writing.  It’s still mostly “fill in the blank” or “circle the answer.”

For His glory,


You can order on Teacherspayteachers here.


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FREE Operation Christmas Child card for your box

occ card front






front of card

occ card inside






inside of card

We just finished packing our shoe boxes for this year’s Operation Christmas Child.  I wanted to give away a free card that I created last year for you to include in your box.

I think that people everywhere need to realize the great love that God has for them!  Hope these shoe boxes do just that!  The card has God loves you in 13 different languages.

Click here to download free. (Let me know if you have any problems downloading.)

Operation Christmas Child cards

Here’s a free lapbook I created as well, in case you’d like to learn more about OCC.

Shoebox curriculum

For His glory,



Bible Character Study – Rebekah









During this season of my life, I mostly write out of necessity for my own children. Recently, I wanted to have my fifth grade daughter do an age-appropriate Bible Study, but just couldn’t find what I was looking for. I had a few requirements. I wanted it to have her reading from her own Bible. I didn’t want it to be overwhelming. I wanted it to instill some truths into her. I didn’t want her to dread her Bible Time each day.

So…the Bible Character Study on Ruth was born. It was followed by a study on Hannah and Rebekah. I’m working on my next one, possibly on Daniel for girls AND boys.
Each page includes word checks with definitions to aid in understanding. There are relevant and thoughtful questions throughout. The chapters are divided into manageable and content appropriate chunks.

In addition, there is a keepsake box that she will make during the study. This is my daughter’s favorite part! All you need is an empty cereal box! You print and tape the cover, included with this resource, to the box. There is a list of suggested items that you add to the box each day. The item relates to what you learned that day.

Take a look… (this is from the study on Rebekah)

Suggested items for your character study box:

Day 1 –add a glove (Today we shake hands to when we make a deal, but in Bible times they would grab the thigh.)

Day 2 –water bottle (Rebekah gave the servant and his camels water to drink.)

Day 3 –a toy ring or bracelet (Abraham’s servant gave Rebekah a ring and two bracelets.)

Day 4–a ziploc bag with 10 items in it such as 10 button, 10 beans, 10 gem clips, etc. (Laban and Rebekah’s mother wanted he to stay 10 days and then go with Abraham’s servant.)

Day 5 – flower (Isaac and Rebekah got married. Today, brides carry flowers when they get married.)

Hope your daughter enjoys this study too! There’s so much God can teach us through His Word!

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For His glory,
Kathy :)

If you are a missionary, you are welcome to anything from any of my store free of charge.  Just let me know what you need.  God bless!

free Virtual Fieldtrip resource – Arlington National Cemetery

virtual fieldtrip arlington







Today is Veteran’s Day and I am offering a Virtual Fieldtrip to Arlington National Cemetery FREE.

Download free from Currclick:–Arlington-National-Cemetery?term=arlington+national

Download free from Teacherspayteachers:

Thank you to all the soldiers who have served and are serving in the military.