In His Presence Family Connection June 14


Every afternoon, I will post something for you to share with your family in the evening.  It may be a talking point, a short video, a Scripture to read, etc.

We have been working through a list of sins from Anne Graham Lotz new book, The Daniel Prayer.

Today’s Post…

Today’s sin is: Lack of seriousness toward God

Talking points:

  • Am I serious about my prayer time?
  • Do I believe I’m talking directly to God and He is hearing me in that moment?
  • Is praying a duty or privilege for me?
  • Do I show disrespect to God?
  • Do I give Him my leftovers or my best?

One of the things that I heard Francis Chan say in his Bible Study, “Crazy Love,” is that when he prays, he pictures the throne room of God.  Read Revelation 4.  The Bible paints a magnificent image of where God is.  There are rainbows of color around, jewels, a crystal clear sea in front, creatures that never cease to say, “Holy, holy, holy.” (Revelation 4:8)  When the creatures give glory and honor, the twenty-four elders seated around the throne get up and toss their crowns before the throne and worship too.

When you pray, try picturing the throne room in your mind, or at least at times when you are having a very focused prayer time.  Imagine you are kneeling at that magnificent throne before Him.  What a powerful experience.  I believe this will enhance your prayer life.

Confess to God if you have had a lack of seriousness toward God.




WELCOME – In His Presence Online Bible Study June 12

summer women of the Bible study graphic

Good morning!  I’m so glad you are joining us for our Summer Online Bible Study!

We will be studying some extraordinary women of the Bible this summer, beginning today with Eve.

If you are new to our Online Bible Studies, I’d like to explain how this works.  Each morning at 6:30AM (EST), I will post the references for Scripture you are to read that day.  You’ll use your own Bible to read the selections.  I post small reading assignments because I want us to really dig in and study the selections deeply.  New this time, we are also using John MacArthur’s book, Twelve Extraordinary Women as a supplement.  I will post the pages you are to read each day.  You do not have to have the book in order to participate in this Bible Study.  If you choose to get it, you can order here or find on ebay.

A little later this morning, I will post a Welcome video on Youtube.  You can visit my Youtube Channel and subscribe here.  Each morning, I will also post a video giving you the day’s reading selection and praying for our day.  On Wednesdays, I will post a little bit longer video with some discussion.

The point of these Bible studies is to encourage us to daily read our Bibles and pray.  While devotional books are good, there is no substitute for reading God’s Word and spending time daily In His Presence.  For this reason, I won’t offer a lot of my own opinions or interpretations in this study.  I want God to speak directly to you through His Word.  Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and show you new things as you read.

Today’s Scriptures:


Genesis 1:26-28

Genesis 2:18-19

Eve’s name is used only four times in the Bible.  Find and read those verses.

Genesis 3:20

Genesis 4:1

2 Cor. 11:3

1 Timothy 2:13

Twelve Extraordinary Women Book Selections:

Read Chapter 1, Eve: Mother of All Living – Introduction (stop at Her Creation, which is tomorrow’s reading)

Please fine tune your eyes and make some notes about anything you read regarding marriage.  On Wednesday, I will be sharing with you some things about God’s purpose for marriage from the very beginning.  I’m especially excited about this!

*Be sure to comment with any insights you have after reading. To comment, click the little speech bubble in the top right corner of the post.  I will Comment daily with my notes and insights.



Summer Bible Study – Extraordinary Women of the Bible

summer women of the Bible study graphic

Our Online Summer Women’s Bible Study on Extraordinary Women of the Bible is beginning June 12.

You don’t have to buy anything for this study.  We will use our own Bibles to study these women.  I’ll be posting the selections you are to read each morning at 6:30AM.  I’ll also jump on Youtube once a week to discuss this with you.  You can subscribe to my  Youtube Channel here.

I recommend getting John MacArthur’s book, Twelve Extraordinary Women, as a supplement to this study.  He has some great insights from his many years of study that will enhance our understanding of these women.  You can order here or find on ebay.

Please spread the word.  We want as many women as we can spending time In His Presence this summer.

We will begin by studying Eve and I’ll tie in some insights about marriage.  I’m especially excited about sharing with you some new things the Lord has been showing me!