Extraordinary Women of the Online Bible Study – Anna Day 1

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Extraordinary Women of the Bible – Anna Day 1

Today’s Scripture:


Luke 2:21-35 (This sets the stage for our study of Anna.  I added some background notes below.)


Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur book:

Chapter 7:  Introduction

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Notes from my John MacArthur Study Bible…

Jacob had 12 sons.  They became the 12 tribes of Israel.  Long ago, they split.  Ten of the tribes made up their own nation known as the northern kingdom.  They became known as Israel.  Two of the tribes made up the southern kingdom.  They became known as Judah and chose an evil king.  The southern kingdom continued with a king in David’s family line. Jerusalem was located in the southern kingdom.   The temple was there and this was the only place where the priests could offer sacrifices.  There were a few faithful Israelites from the ten tribes that migrated south.  They had to give up their family lands to do so.  That tells us that they were faithful.  Prophets warned the northern kingdom to change their evil ways, but eventually the Assyrians conquered them and took them as slaves.  Only a small number returned later after their captivity.  Anna’s descendants had either migrated south or were among the group who returned after their capture.  Her family was among the northern kingdom and she was a living example of God’s faithfulness to His people.  He does not look at where we come from, but at each individual.  He chose Anna to be a part of His beautiful story-the Bible.


Twelve Extraordinary Women Summer Online Bible Study – Hannah Day 1








Extraordinary Women of the Bible – Hannah (July 10)

Today’s Scripture:


1 Samuel 1:1-11

Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur book:

Read Chapter 5: Intro., A Cherished Hope, A Godly Heritage, A Holy Ambition, Love for Her Husband

(Note-This seems like a lot of sections for one day, but the first 4 sections set the stage of who this family was/who they descended from.  The section entitled, Love for Her Husband, supplements the Scripture we are reading today.)