Sunday School Craft – Woman at the Well bucket

woman at the well bucket close up

Woman at the Well bucket Craft 


pipe cleaner (cut into small pieces)

medicine cup (1 per child)

popsicle stick

Jute (or yarn)

woman at well bucket supplies


Punch holes – on opposite sides of the medicine cup using hole puncher.  (Btw, your local nursing home will donate these to you.  Wash them well and they make perfect little buckets.)

Add the pipe cleaner – like a handle

Tie the string – to the pipe cleaner handle and the popsicle stick (I put a dot of hot glue under the string on the stick)

woman at the well bucket in waterBe sure to visit my Youtube channel to see me demonstrating how to teach the lesson of the “Woman at the Well” or “Jesus and the Samaritan Woman” using the Bible.

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Nehemiah’s Wall craft & game


Nehemiah’s Wall

I needed a quick craft for Sunday School last week and came up with this one on the spot.

Directions:  I used construction paper and cut slits in two sides and taped up like a box.  The kids added stickers to the inside, but with a little more planning, you could enhance it by drawing stone blocks on the wall, adding stand-up people inside, etc.


Defend the Wall

We also played this game.  It was suggested in our lesson (We use Lifeway’s Gospel Project).

Directions:  Stack the cups and have several students stand in front to “defend the wall from enemies.”  The rest of the class stands in line behind a piece of tape.  They take turns throwing a soft type ball and trying to knock down the wall.  Those defending the wall should bat with their hands or kick the ball away before it wrecks the wall.

Sunday School – Deborah and Barak craft

Our church uses the Gospel Project curriculum from Lifeway for Sunday School.

I decided to do a little different craft than the one suggested for this week.  The story is about Deborah and Barak.

Judges 5:1, “Then sang Deborah and Barak the son of Abinoam on that day…”

After God delivered them from their enemies, Deborah and Barak sang and praised Him.

Our preschoolers will make maracas using a plastic Easter egg, two plastic spoons, rice, masking tape, and markers.

I found this craft idea here.  How creative!

You might even want to wrap the entire thing with tape so the egg and spoons aren’t showing.  I’ve also seen another version that used colorful tape instead of the masking tape, but I thought it would give the kids more to do if they colored their own.

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