In His Presence daily Online Bible Study March 29


Today’s Scripture:

Mark 1:35-45

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Here’s a glimpse into what I wrote in my Journal today.


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In His Presence daily Online Bible Study March 28


Today’s Scripture:

Mark 1:16-34

(Seems like a lot , but I believe it all happened the same day.)

*I’m  having trouble getting the Youtube live feed working.  I’ll keep trying and hopefully have that all set up by next week.

In His Presence Online Bible Study March 27


Today’s Scripture:

Mark 1:1-15

Today we begin reading the book of Mark.  Remember, we are reading through the Gospels to find out more about Jesus’ personality.  So, keep that in mind as you read.  We’ve read through Mark before here on the blog, but since we have a different purpose this time, I didn’t want to skip it as we make our way through the four Gospels.

I’m posting this a few minutes early, so you can JOIN ME LIVE at 6:30 this morning where I will livestream today’s Bible Study on YouTube.  Here’s the link.  The video will be recorded, so you watch later if you miss.