In His Presence Family Connection April 24


We are reading the story of David, Nabal and Abigail this week.  We are really digging in.  Yesterday, we talked about the setting.  You can click here, if you missed it.

Today’s Post…

Read 1 Samuel 25:2-3.

Describe Nabal.

Describe Abigail.

Nabal’s name means “fool.”  We will see that Nabal’s name fits him perfectly.  He’s going to act very foolishly toward David.

Read 1 Samuel 25:4-8.

David heard that Nabal was sheering his sheep. Feast Day was a special day of celebrating after all the sheep had been sheared.  The owner was overjoyed at the abundance of wool he could now sell.

What reason did David give for asking for some food during the feast?

Read 1 Samuel 25:9-11.

How did Nabal respond?

Did he give David and his men some food?

You can be sure that news of David and Goliath had spread.  You can also be sure that Nabal had heard about how Samuel had anointed David as the next King of Israel.  (1 Samuel 16:13)  The first part of the chapter we are reading this week hints at this.  It says that Samuel had died and Israel gathered together and lamented or mourned for him.  (1 Samuel 25:1) Samuel was the last judge of Israel.  Nabal knew all about him and about David.

Why do you think Nabal responded the way he did?

Read 1 Samuel 25:12-13.

How did David respond?

Let’s see what happens on Thursday.  (I don’t post on Wednesday since we are a church.)



In His Presence Family Connection April 24


This week’s Family Connection will be a little different and you can Comment and let me know if you like it.  We will study one Bible event the whole week.

Read 1 Samuel 25:1-38.

Explain that you will unpack this story all week.

Today, we will just focus on the setting.

David was on the run from Saul.  He went to a desert area.  He was soon joined by 600 men (1 Samuel 23:13) .  They were made up of men who were in distress, in debt, and discontented.  (1 Samuel 22:2).  David became Captain over them.

I found this picture for the Wilderness of Paran.  You might be able to find another picture to show your family.  If so, comment and share the link, please.

In His Presence Family Connection April 20


Today’s Post…

Watch the Andy Griffith episode, Sermon for Today.

(Just a fun video to lead into the devotional I’ve entitled, “What’s Your Hurry?”

Talking Points: (written from my point of view as I share it in my devo time with my children tonight)

  • When you get the urgency to do something on the spur, its a good idea to “red flag” that notion.
  • What I’ve found in my life is that God usually tells me to do something and then I begin to pray about and ask Him for confirmation.  And He provides it, usually from several sources (a sermon, a Scripture, something I read…)
  • What I’ve found is that when I act impulsively, I usually put my foot in my mouth and/or “set back” something the Lord was working on or trying to do in that person’s life or it hurts my relationship with that person.
  • Be aware the enemy loves to trick us into acting impulsively.  He will make that thing seem so urgent.  He will make it seem like the best thing and the right thing to do in the moment.  He will make you believe it’s up to you to act – now!
  • But, I’ve found that God usually doesn’t tell me to do something on the spur of the moment.
  • Of course, there are times when He does need us to act quickly, but I could probably count those times on one hand.  (based on my personal experience)  For example, once we were at a restaurant and I felt led to share the gospel with a man that sat down nearby.  I did not do so, and regret it to this day.
  • But, more often than not, impulsively rushing forward to do something (even if it seems like such a good thing) is not always the best choice.  And often, that strong impulse is from the enemy.
  • Pray every morning and ask God for discernment for your day.

In His Presence Family Connection April 17


Every afternoon, I will post something for you to share with your family in the evening.  It may be a talking point, a short video, a Scripture to read, etc.

Today’s Post…

Title: Why should we avoid sin like the plague?

(I gave this one a title because it has a very clear purpose.  This one is a MUST, especially if you have teens.)

Read Mark 6:49-52.

The disciples couldn’t understand the significance of Jesus’ miracle with the loaves and fish.  Verse 51 says they were amazed when He walked on the water and then got into the boat the wind ceased instantly.  They had just seen a miracle when the loaf.  Why were they still not really “getting it.”

Verse 52 says they couldn’t understand because their hearts were hardened.


Answer:  Their hearts were impenetrable.  They didn’t understand not because they were ignorant, but because they had a rebellious heart.*

Read Mark 8:14-21.

Jesus was talking about evil influence while the disciples worried He was talking about their not bringing bread along for the boat ride.

Again, He calls them out for their hardened hearts (verse 17).  They were “rebellious, spiritually insensitive, and unable to understand spiritual truth.”*

It seems like when we entertain sin, a little bit of our heart gets hardened.  Continuing in this attitude leads to a hardness of heart and a blindness to truth.  It’s scary to think that someone like this doesn’t even realize they are “blind.”

Re-read Mark 8:18.  Discuss.

For this, and many reasons, we should avoid sin at all costs.  Don’t entertain it.  Keep your heart from hardening by not giving in to rebellious thoughts.  Capture your thoughts quickly and don’t allow yourself to complete actions that aren’t in line with what Christ would want you to do.  Don’t risk a hard heart!

Read Isaiah 44:20.

Pray and ask God to help each family member stay away from sin and a rebellious attitude.  Pray that your spiritual eyes always remain open.  Pray for anyone you know who is living in rebellion and seems to have a hardened heart.  Remember, God can do impossible things!  He fed multitudes and calmed the sea.


*The John MacArthur Study Bible










In His Presence Family Connection April 10


Sorry for the delay.  I’ve been working on a Bible Study on Anna for my Growing Character Bible Study Journal.  I thought I’d let our Family Connection center around her tonight.

Today’s Post…

Read Luke 2:36-38

Try to pick out everything you can about what you learn about Anna from these verses.

Make a list on a piece of paper so you can see it.

Your list may look like this:

  1. daughter of Phanuel
  2. prophetess
  3. older lady
  4. widow
  5. lived on temple grounds
  6. served God
  7. fasted and prayed
  8. heard Simeon’s blessing
  9. spoke of Christ to those in Jerusalem

Talking Points:

  • Why do you think God chose to include Anna in the Bible?
  • What kind of person do you think she was?
  • What can we learn from her life?
  • Define faithfulness.  How was Anna faithful?




In His Presence Family Connection – January 24


Every afternoon, I will post something for you to share with your family in the evening.  It may be a talking point, a short video, a Scripture to read, etc.

Today’s Post… (Noah’s Ark)

Genesis 6-8:17

Watch the video showing the Ark Encounter  in Kentucky.

Talking Points…

  • What would you say to someone who doesn’t believe Noah’s Ark is a true story?
  • How is Noah’s Ark a picture of Christ and His salvation?
  • Do you think the Ark Encounter will show the world that an ark like this is possible and lead them to believe that other stories in the Bible are possible too?
  • Pray for the Ark Encounter and for those who visit to come to believe that Jesus is real and come to know Him as Savior.

Here’s an interesting clip showing an exchange between Ken Ham and Bill Nye.  Your older kids might enjoy seeing it and thinking through how they would respond if they encounter someone with a different view.  It’s also enoucraging to see the little girl speak up and say, “I believe in God.”

Family Devotion – Salt of the Earth

deeper roots family devotions blog heading










Family Devotional: Salt of the Earth

Plant it…
Demonstrate how you can make an egg stand on one end by adding salt to the table and placing the egg on top. How do we usually use salt? (seasoning foods)

Water it…
Read Matthew 5: 13.

This verse is part of a sermon that Jesus gave known as the Sermon on the Mount. He taught that Christians are the salt of the earth.

Salt is one of the oldest food seasonings. You can sprinkle salt on bland mashed potatoes and the taste is noticeably different.

Ask, How would you describe most people around us? (worldly world view, emphasizing latest trends, worried about appearance even at the sake of true worship, putting popularity as a high priority,
focusing on material things, moral standards set by society verses the Bible, selfish attitudes, I’m right mentality…)

Jesus said Christians can lose our flavor by conforming to the world. Instead, He taught we should be noticeably different.

Ask, How can we lose our flavor? (By acting just like the world does)

Ask, How can we be the salt? (Gal. 5:23, show love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control)

Discuss real situations where you can demonstrate these qualities. (When wronged, react in grace by apologizing first; when you are going through difficult times, demonstrate joy; forgive even those who have wronged you; love like Jesus does)

We can be salt by “doing the kinds of deeds that will flow from a heart embattled by difficulties and resting in Jesus.” (John Piper)

Cultivate… (teens and adults)
Listen to the sermon from John Piper found at the following site: (6:30 minutes)

Watch it Grow…  (missional living)
Make a plan to be salt to someone this week. Be specific. Is there someone at school or work that you could show love to?

Click here for a printable PDF version.  Salt of the Earth

For more Deeper Roots Family Devotions, you can click here for family devotions for your entire school year.


Family Devotion – The Bible’s Sufficiency

Each Sunday, our church makes available a Family Devotion to be picked up and completed during the coming week.  The Family Devotion is usually related to the sermon series.  For the month of January, the sermon series is all about the Bible:  it’s History (God breathed); it’s Authority; and it’s Sufficiency.  I am on the team that creates these.  I have pasted the Family Devotion Guide for this week below.:


Theme:  The Bible’s Sufficiency

Family Memory Verse:  Psalm 119:11

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

Discussion Starter:

Put a bag of microwave popcorn, melted butter, salt, and a big bowl on the counter in the kitchen.  Also write on a sticky note the number of minutes it takes for the microwave to pop the corn.   Instruct your children that they are to go into the kitchen and make popcorn for the family.  Tell them that everything they need is already on the counter.  When they return with the bowl, say, “I made sure you had everything you needed to make the popcorn.”


Read 2 Timothy 3:15-17. (Have everyone get their own Bibles and find the passage.)

Just as you had everything you needed to make the popcorn, God has also made sure we have everything we need to help us live the Christian life.  We call this sufficiency.

The 1828 Webster’s dictionary defines sufficiency as:  qualification for any purpose; ability; adequate power.

The Bible is sufficient because it is the only inspired and therefore inerrant words of God that we need, in order to know the way of salvation (“make you wise unto salvation”vs. 15) and the way of obedience (“equipped for every good work” vs. 17).  We don’t need any more special revelation.

The Bible is sufficient to:

  • equip us
  • help us know how to be saved
  • prepares us to do good works

Believers are commanded to study the Bible for themselves. God has given believers all things necessary to understand the Scriptures. As one studies the Bible the truths about God and His plan become more and more clear.

Activity this week:

Choose one or all of these practical applications:

1.  Adopt a “quiet time” with Scripture as your center piece.

2.  Meditate on Scripture throughout the day.

3.  Study the Bible to see what it says about issues you are facing.  Use a concordance, topical Bible, study guide or


Prayer:  Pray together thanking God for His sufficient Word.