Article : Cleaning the Clutter


Article:  Cleaning the Clutter

A few years back, I heard Pam Tebow, mother of the famed quarter back and now baseball player Tim Tebow, speaking at an event.  “What’s Your Mission?” she asked.  She explained that if you’re a mom with young children, your mission is to be a mom.  It’s an important role.  There is great value in it.

I would add, if you’re a wife and mom, then your #1 mission is to be a wife and mom!  But, we know that women are multi-faceted and great at multi-tasking.  Sometimes God puts something else on our hearts to do; other ways to serve Him – maybe in a job or area of ministry.

For me, I’d say my “purpose” is to encourage all people to read their Bibles and pray daily.  I’m trying to weigh out every opportunity that comes my way and see if it falls under that umbrella.  If not, it could be an idol.  I may be putting it ahead of God’s will for me.

I have not yet read Lysa Terkheurst’s book, The Best Yes, but if it’s about what its name suggests, then I think I “get” it.  I need to decide what to put my time into.  If I’m not investing in my family or in my purpose, I may just be hoarding a bunch of clutter that needs to be chunked.

Spring officially ended seventeen days ago, but it’s not too late to do a little spring cleaning of your schedule.  Get In His presence daily with Bible reading and prayer and listen carefully to what He wants you to do.  Then, make sure you do it to the best of your ability without letting other things steal your energy and talents.  Shoot for what I call “Chic fil A” quality.  And believe me, you’ll be saying, “My pleasure,” when you hear God say, “Well done.”


In His Presence Journal Giveaway and announcement

Making Time for His Presence












I had the honor and great privilege to write and an article for Mentoring Moments yesterday entitled, “Making Time to be In His Presence.”  You may remember that I was a regular contributor over there, writing In His Presence devotions for a while for their Friday Link Ups.

You can read yesterday’s article here.

The article summed up my feelings about my morning quiet time.  While I love devotions and read one most mornings, there’s just no substitute for God’s Word and spending time in prayer.

There’s Just No Substitute for the Bible and Prayer.  Period.

I offered some practical strategies including:

  • Make time In His Presence a Priority
  • Read YOUR Bible & Use a Journal
  • Pray – confess, strategic prayers, others, thank Him

I have some exciting news as a follow up to that article!  My In His Presence Journal is NOW IN PRINT!  It is available through Amazon.

Click here to see for yourself!

I am super excited about this because, before, it was only available in a digital format, causing you to have to print all 366 pages (back and front) and then take to an office store to have it spiral bound.  Now you can purchase it all set and ready to use!  This printed version doesn’t have spiral binding, but instead comes in soft cover with perfect binding.  I think you will still find it easy to use.

To celebrate, I’m GIVING ONE of these printed In His Presence Journals AWAY!!

To enter, simply leave a comment to this post.  You’ll automatically be entered.  I will select a winner Monday, March 14, at 6:30AM, which is the kick off day for (drum roll please) a BRAND NEW daily blog post series entitled, In His Presence

Let me explain this series a little further…

Starting Monday, March 14th, you can receive daily Scriptures to help you get In His Presence.  I will be sending a daily Scripture reference as a starting point, if you need it. It will be whatever the Lord lays on my heart; fresh for that day. It will be sent at 6:30AM (EST) every morning – Monday through Friday.  You can also follow on Twitter to receive the feed.

Here’s what you do…

  • Set your alarm to 6:30AM. (We’ll keep each other accountable, okay?)
  • When you wake up each morning, grab your Bible and journal and open up this blog (or Twitter feed). Pour your coffee or tea into your favorite mug. This is a pleasant time to meet with God. No room for legalism at this table.
  • Read the suggested Scripture reference from my post in YOUR own Bible and underline, highlight, jot notes in your Bible and record everything on your journal page. Everything. Any other verse that is brought to mind. Write out your thoughts; pour your heart out to God in honesty. Any revelations? Write them. This will serve as an encouragement to you later. You will be surprised at how your own journal will minister to you later on as you remember things you’ve written.

Ready? Simply be sure you are “following” this blog.  Get a journal, whether it be mine or a simple composition book, which is what I used for years.  You’re all set!


So excited to start this new journey with you!

For His glory,