FREE Bible Study for Girls – Samaritan Woman

samaritan woman cover

Free Bible Study for Girls on the Samaritan Woman to go along with the Women’s Bible Study this week.

Download here:

Samaritan Woman

If you missed the craft idea we did in Sunday School (bucket and well), click here.


Growing Character Bible Study Journal Week 10 Abigail & Humility

growing character cover

I just added Week 10 to the Growing Character Bible Study Journal.  The character word is Humility.  The Character Study is Abigail.

I LOVE Abigail!  She was a beautiful, intelligent, wise woman, who brilliantly displayed humility.

This entire story is so fascinating.  In fact, I based my Family Connection Online Bible Study this week on this story. Check it out here.

Here’s a little teaser…

Do you know what happened to Goliath’s sword after David used it to behead him?  Did you think David got to keep it?  He didn’t!  But, later he finds it.  It was stored in a tabernacle and he gets it back!  (1 Samuel 21:9)

Please do me a huge favor and let your homeschooling friends know about this resource.  It’s near and dear to my heart!  I truly believe that our girls need to be in the Word every day!  I want them to study these awesome women of the Bible as they are growing into awesome women of God themselves!  I recommend getting a white notebook with a clear pocket on the front.  Print the cover sheet and slip in the clear cover pocket.  Fill the notebook with the weeks I’ve already finished.  Add to the notebook as new content is uploaded.  When finished, your daughter will have 47 weeks worth of Bible studies in her notebook! And hey, buy her a super cute pen to go with this!;)  You can also get creative with the bookmark.  I’m thinking a trendy ribbon hot glued on the spine (kind of like the ribbon ones found in Bibles) would be a good idea.  Let us know in the Comment section if you have other ideas.

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Growing Character Bible Study Journal for girls Updated

(Since it’s Spring Break week, I’m taking a break from the Family Connection posts.  I’ll get started back up next week!)

growing character cover.jpg

I just added Week 8 to the Growing Character Devotional Journal.  In addition, I tweaked the cover just a tad.  It reads, Growing Character Bible Study Journal now.  I felt this was a more accurate title since girls are reading straight from their own Bibles and hopefully learning to study the Bible for themselves.  It’s been a pleasure studying the women of the Bible and assigning character traits that they exemplify.

Week 8 is all about Eve, the very first woman.  Did you know that her name is only mentioned 4 times in the whole Bible?  Did you know that her beauty, which must have been flawless, is never mentioned!  It was the great purpose God had for her that is included in Scripture.  And Eve was very purposeful in carrying it out! (which is the character word for Week 8) Hope your daughter will see her value in the inner person and not in outward beauty after reading all about Eve.



Don’t forget, Moms, to subscribe to my blog so that we can have our own Bible Study time!  We are reading through the Gospels and as soon as my teenage son helps me figure it out, I’m adding a live Youtube feed each morning so I can give you the day’s Scripture reading and pray for you.  Hopefully next week! 🙂

Bible Character Study on Ruth for girls









During this season of my life, I mostly write out of necessity when I need to create something for my own children.  Recently, I wanted to have my fifth grade daughter do an age-appropriate Bible Study, but just couldn’t find what I was looking for.  I had a few requirements.  I wanted it to have her reading from her own Bible.  I didn’t want it to be overwhelming.  I wanted it to instill some truths into her.  I didn’t want her to dread her Bible Time each day.

So…the Bible Character Study of Ruth was born.

In just two weeks she will have read through the entire book of Ruth.  With only four chapters, it’s a perfect first Bible Study.

Each page includes word checks with definitions to aid in understanding.  There are relevant and thoughtful questions throughout.  The chapters are divided into manageable and content appropriate chunks.

In addition, there is a keepsake box that she will make during the study.  This is my daughter’s favorite part!  All you need is an empty cereal box!  You print and tape the cover, included with this resource, to the box.  There is a list of suggested items that you add to the box each day.  The item relates to what she learned that day.

Take a look…

Suggested items for your Ruth character study box:

Day 1 –toy food (an earlier famine was the reason Naomi and her husband had moved from Bethlehem to Moab)

Day 2 – a map (Naomi and Ruth sojourned or took a trip)

Day 3 – piece of barley or grain (check your local department store’s floral department)

Day 4 – a rag (to represent Ruth wiping the sweat from her forehead as she rested a little in the house)

Day 5 – a feather (God is compared to a bird protecting us under His wings)

Day 6 – a baggie with flour in it (Ruth beat out the barley and used it to make flour)

Day 7 – a piece of cloth (to represent the blanket covering Boaz)

Day 8 – doll sandal (giving ones sandal to another signified an agreement or deal)

Day 9 – a tiny baby doll or other baby toy (Boaz and Ruth had a baby boy)

Day 10 – a leaf (to represent a family tree)

I’m already busy with my second Bible Character Study because my daughter wants to continue!  I am so grateful that she is getting excited about reading and studying God’s Word.

Hope your daughter enjoys this study too!  There’s so much God can teach us through the book of Ruth!


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