Hundred’s Chart Poster

Teaching the concept of the hundreds chart can be tough.  My daughter had a hard time with this.  I found that most hundreds charts have the 10’s on the side, and I couldn’t find one with the tens on the top.  So, I decided to make my own.

I used “Daddy numbers” to represent the tens.  I made up little descriptions for each daddy and a picture of each.

Counting by 10’s:

I told her when you count by tens, you just need to say all of the Daddy numbers.

Counting by 5’s:

I told her that when you count by fives, you need to say a Daddy number and then a middle number (pink box on chart).  The daddy is the head of the household.  Point to your head when you say a daddy number.  Your tummy is in the middle of your body.  [Draw a number five on your child’s tummy.]  Point to your tummy when you say one of the fives.   For example, 10 (point to head), 15 (point to tummy), 20 (point to head), 25 (point to tummy), etc..

Click below for a free copy of our hundreds chart and descriptions of the daddy numbers.  Hope it helps your little mathematician!! 🙂

Hundred Chart

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