Apple Pickin’ Time Lesson Plan

Apple Pickin’ Time

Toddler and Preschool Lesson

Bible Time:  Adam & Eve

  • Scripture:  Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.  Ephesians 6:1
  • Tell story of Adam and Eve.  Keep it simple:  God made Adam.  God made Eve.  God Made Me.  God said don’t eat fruit from one tree.  Adam and Eve did not obey.  Bible Concept:  We must obey.
  • As you teach the apple theme, remind toddler of the Bible concept this week:  We must obey.
  • Play in the sandbox or make a homemade sandbox for this week if you don’t have one.  Home stores sell bags of play sand for only $4.  Fill a large rubber maid “under the bed storage box” with the sand.   Use this sand play to teach that God formed Adam out of dirt.

 Theme Learning:

  • Talk about how apples grow.  Apple trees grow from seeds and apples grow on apple trees.
  • Discuss the different colors apples can be:  red, yellow, or green.  Ask, “Which color do you like the best?”
  • Guess how many seeds are in the apple.  Cut open an apple and show some seeds from the inside.  Discuss what they look like, what color they are, what shape they are in (teardrop).
  • Plant an apple seed in a paper cup or small pot and review what the seed needs in order to to grow:  soil, water, sun.

 Letter Skills:  Letter A

  • Say It:  A says “a” like “achoo”
  • Play a Game:  Give your toddler a Kleenex and have him practice saying “a..a..a..choo!”  Glue Kleenex to hand (page included at back)
  • Decorate blank A with fingerprint ants using black washable paint or black stamp pad.  Just draw on legs and antennae to their fingerprints using black marker.
  • Letter “A” Box:  In advance fill an empty wet wipes container or shoe box with items found around the house that begin with the letter a; have child add to the box through the week as they find things that start with the /a/ sound (Ex. animal cracker, apple, alligator toy, etc.)  Enrichment:  look for things with “a” in middle


  • String Apple Jacks cereal onto yarn (to avoid frustration, be sure to use extra wide tape on the end of the yarn so it doesn’t fray and so that it is easier for your toddler to manipulate)
  • Guess how many seeds in a apple; cut open and count out loud to your toddler
  • Glue black seeds (from above activity or cut out from black construction paper) to a red construction paper apple; give the seeds to your toddler one at a time and make him say one…one…one

Shape Practice: Circle

  • Have toddler put red circular price stickers found in Office Supply store on Handprint Apple Trees (see Art section below)
  • Shape Hunt:  Look around the house for circles.  Examples:  oatmeal container lid, clock on wall, favorite DVD, etc.
  • Teach child to draw circles.  Guide his/her hand around and around while holding crayon making circles on paper.  Trace around a coffee can lid (or other lid)

Color: red, green, yellow

  • Sort red, green, and yellow construction paper apples cutouts
  • Play with red play dough and apple shaped cookie cutter
  • Sort red, green, and yellow apples:  put red, green, and yellow construction paper sheets in front of child.  Let him sort apples onto correct paper.


  • Apple Stamping:  Use apple you cut in half during Math; put red paint on paper plate, dip apple halves cut side down into paint and let child stamp apple prints on white paper. *Enrichment:  stamp apple prints on canvas apron bought in craft section of large stores; give the apron as a gift to a deserving widow, elderly neighbor, hard working church kitchen staff member, or save as special surprise for Grandmother on Grandparent’s Day (first Sunday of September)
  • Stained Glass Apples:  cut apple shape from clear contact paper; peel to reveal sticky side; have child place red, green, yellow tissue paper squares onto the sticky contact paper; cover with another contact paper cutout to seal; punch hole and tie yarn for hanging on window in kitchen

  • Apple Tree Handprint Tree:  paint child’s hand and part of arm using washable brown paint and large paintbrush; have him press hand/arm onto white construction paper; when dry, add red circular stickers for apples (see Shape Practice section above)

Story Time:

  • How Do Apples Grow by Betsy Maestro
  • The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall
  • The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
  • Ten Apples Up on Top by Dr. Seuss


  • Use construction paper apple cutouts from Color section above.  Sing the song below and at the end, throw the apples into the air and let them “rain” down as your toddler tries to catch them.

Sing:  “Apples fallin’ down, won’t you try and catch some.

Apples fallin’ down, won’t you try and catch some.

Apples fallin’ down, won’t you try and catch some.

Catch some if you can.” (throw apples up in air)

  • Fast and Slow game:  play music with fast/slow tempos.  Provide brightly colored scarf of fabric ribbon and have your child move it to the music

Game Time:

  • Pickin’ Apples: Crumple red, yellow, and green construction paper up into balls.  Put them into a laundry basket and then dump in middle of floor.  Have your child pick the “apples” up and put them in the basket.  For added fun…just have them do it fast, slow, by crawling, by hopping, by slithering, etc.
  • Batter Up!  Have child hold empty paper towel tube like a bat.  Use crumpled paper for the ball.

Snack Idea:

  • Eat applesauce and graham crackers

Fieldtrip Ideas:

  • Grocery Store – visit produce section; let child pick apple of each color
  • Apple orchard or farm

This lesson plan is an excerpt taken from A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum.  Please email me for ordering details.

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