Television Viewing Management Idea

Recently, I gave my children a challenge.  They are to see if they could go for a whole week without watching any TV.  Well, the prize was $10, and I never dreamed either of them would actually be able to make it through the week!  But, to my surprise, neither caved!!  I had to fork out 10 bucks to each of them!

The point of the challenge was for them to find out that there were so many other things they could do besides watch TV!  They spent more time outside, doing Art projects and crafts, playing together, reading, etc.

Once the week was up, I wanted to continue to limit their television viewing.  I used some old tokens I had (but you can buy pirate coins from the Dollar Store).  I used a Sharpie to write TV on them.  I give the kids some each day and they have to turn one in for every 30 minute program they watch.  (We actually don’t have satellite, but do have Netflix…so one show equals one token).  I have placed a jar on the TV for collecting coins.  You can give them as many or few tokens as you wish.

I plan to also use the tokens for occasional rewards…like for the cleanest room or when I catch them remembering to get their things out of the van without being reminded, etc.


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