VIPKID Teaching Opportunity – Six Month Update


I have been teaching with VIPKID for almost six months now and wanted to give you an update.

First, this opportunity has been a blessing to my family financially.  Through VIPKID, I am able to make additional money and modify our budget to build in things that were not possible before.

Second, I am able to work my own hours.  I can choose to work in the evenings, mornings (or all night long!).  I choose to work the early morning hours from 5:00-9:00.  It was hard at first, but now that I’m in the routine, it’s going well.

Third, there is room for advancement with VIPKID.  In addition to teaching my regular classes, I can refer other teachers to VIPKID and receive additional bonus money for referrals.  Also, there are opportunities to increase your salary when your contract is renewed (at 6 months).  There is also an opportunity to become a Mentor Teacher.  The hourly pay rate is much higher than when teaching a regular class.  I am not a Mentor teacher, so I don’t have a lot of details about that, but it’s something to check into.

Fourth, I enjoy getting to know the students!  Half of the students I teach are regulars.  This means, I usually see them on a weekly basis.  I have been able to build a rapport with these students and sometimes with the parents as well (sometimes a parent sits off-camera, beside the student during class).  I enjoy having the kids tell me about Chinese New Year or share about their day.  It’s really amazing how connected our world can be through the use of technology!

If you are interested in signing up with VIPKID, I’d be grateful if you would use my referral link (below).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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Teaching with VIPKid – Huge Year End Referral Mega-Incentive





Recently, I wrote an article in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine on the topic of working at home to supplement your family’s income.  You can read a post about that here.

Shortly after that article, I discovered another very do-able way to make money from home.  It’s through a program called VIPKid.  I have been teaching online classes to Chinese students through this program.  There’s no prep work!  I just log on and hit “Go to Classroom.”  I follow the Powerpoint (provided) and go through the slides one at a time for 25 minutes.  I add Feedback and then I’m done!

I cannot say enough good things about the ease of this program.  VIPKid pays very well too!  You can make about $20/hour.  ($8/25min class with $1 incentive for being on time, and $1 incentive for finishing the class)

You make your own hours!  You can get up early to teach or teach in the evenings – whatever works best with your family’s schedule.  For example, you could teach from 5:00-9:00 (8 classes) and make about $80/day.

Right now, VIPKid is doing an huge Year End Referral Mega-Incentive program. 

I’d be grateful if you’d like to use my referral link:

Once you sign on, you can refer others and get $150 for each referral who signs up and teaches one class from now until December 31!

I wanted to be sure to share this great opportunity with you.  If you have questions, please email me.



Using Your Talents to Supplement Your Family’s Income – TOS Article









I had the privilege of writing an article for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s fall edition, out now!  You can purchase a copy at Kroger (among other places).

The title of the article is Using Your Talents to Supplement Your Household Income.

The article lists tried and true ways that I or people I know have supplemented their families’ income.

One idea I failed mention was teaching online through VIPKid.  This is a brand new venture for me.  I have been teaching ESL through VIPKid for three weeks now and LOVE it!  If you’d like to check it out, I’d be appreciative if you chose to use my referral link below.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Jewlery Bar – You’re Invited



My niece is selling Origami Owl jewelry. She gave me a beautiful necklace for Mother’s Day. It’s basically a circular locket with the charms inside. She put the kid’s birthstones in there and a cross.

I told her I would love to host an online party.

These would be great for graduation presents, bridesmaid’s gifts, milestone birthdays, etc.

You can use the link below or here to see the jewelry. There are lots of charms to choose from.  This company was founded by a young girl who had this idea and made a business of it. It may be a good small business for an older homeschooler?? I know Chelsie would love to have others join her team.

The necklace she gave me was so special, I thought some of you may want to take a look or pass the offer along.

This online jewelry party ends May 30.



Please be sure to use the links in this post or below, so I’ll get credit.  I’m hoping to earn enough for a graduation necklace for another niece who just finished college. Thks:)






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How to write and sell eBooks-free ebook



Stack of Library Books










Summer’s here and schools out!  Maybe you will have a little extra time this summer to try your hand at writing an eBook.  I’d like to offer my How to Write and Sell  eBooks the Simple Way eBook.  It’s been highlighted on Money Saving Mom.  If you have questions, I’m just an email away this summer!

If you do decide to sell eBooks through Teachers Pay Teacher, please use this referral link:


Thanks so much!!
Download your free eBook How to write and sell eBooks the Simple Way here.

CWAHM ad and free eBook

CWAHM ad – free eBook

CWAHM (Christian Work at Home Women) advertised my blog in their email blast today.  The ad said that if you subscribe, you will receive a free eBook entitled, How to Write and Sell eBooks the Simple Way.   However, I am not receiving the email addresses for those who subscribe.  I am so sorry.  It only shows your profile, but no email is listed.

If you are interested in getting the eBook, please just email me and I will reply quickly with the eBook attached.  I’m so sorry for any inconvenience.  I will send it out to you regardless of whether you subscribe to this blog or not.  Just email



How to Write and Sell eBooks the Simple way updated

I just updated my eBook, How to Write and Sell eBooks the Simple Way.

One of the updates I included was a site I just discovered for selling your eBooks.  It’s a site much like Teacherspayteachers where you can sell your curricula or eBooks to other teachers.

It’s called Teachers Notebook.  The site requires a small sign up fee of about $20.  Once you sign up and pay the fee, you get to keep 100% of your profit.  The site is very user friendly and is really well done!

You can check out the items I have posted so far on Teacher’s Notebook here:

I also included a description of using Pinterest as a marketing tool for your eBook in the update.