A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum – BIG DISCOUNT – great for new homeschoolers

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A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum is a COMPLETE preschool OR Pre-K curriculum. It is very hands-on and uses very little “worksheets.” This product has been discounted to just $2.50 THIS WEEK ONLY! Also, it includes 2 FREE items! You will receive Alphabet Phonics Bracelets AND A to Z Coloring, Handwriting, and Activity book. Why not purchase and gift this to a new homeschooling mama or church preschool! Take advantage of this incredibly low price while it lasts!


Click here to order and get the discount.
Product Description:
This COMPLETE Toddler and Preschool Curriculum is designed especially for the homeschool parent. It is set up to cover one letter per week. In addition to a letter a week, it includes a weekly theme that starts with the letter of the week. The same color, shape, and number are worked on all month long. This curriculum begins in September and ends in May. The lessons include ideas for teaching: Letter Skills, Numbers, Shapes, Color, Art, Music, Game Time, and Snack ideas. Every lesson also includes a simple scripture to memorize and a Bible story. There are holiday lessons built in throughout at the appropriate places. Most all of the items needed to implement the lessons are simply common household items, which makes this curriculum very budget friendly. Pick and choose the activities you like or do several each day to complete them all each week.

This resource also includes blank alphabet blackline masters for all of the letters of the alphabet.
This resource now includes printable lesson plans with all of the activities plugged in for you.
This E-Book is fully printable. It is in PDF, Adobe Format. In addition, the Contents page is interactive; meaning that you can click on a letter to be taken directly to that page versus having to scroll through the pages until you come to the lesson you desire.

Purchase this book for your school year! It makes a GREAT GIFT for church Mother’s Day Out teachers, Daycare workers, or homeschooling moms with preschoolers.

About the author…
I have a degree in Early Childhood education and over 20 years of teaching experience (Funny, I don’t feel that old!) The bulk of my experience was in Pre-K and homeschooling my own children. This product is literally my huge filing cabinet full of ideas collected through all those years teaching, compiled into one book. (Takes up way less space!) I currently serve as the Preschool Ministry Coordinator for my church. I’d be honored if this product blesses you in your teaching endeavors.

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Ocean preschool unit

It’s not too early to begin thinking about summer!  I have an Ocean unit at Currlick for just 50 cents for those of you with preschoolers.  You can plan a whole week of learning centered around the Ocean theme.

This resource includes activities for Bible Time, Letter Skills, Math/Readiness, Art/Music, Theme Learning, Story Time, Computer Time, Game Time, Snack Time and Fieldtrip Suggestions.  Also included is a Sample Daily Schedule and Weekly Lesson Plan.  In addition, there are Calendar Time printables that can be pasted inside a file folder and re-used each day.

This week-long lesson plan is an excerpt (with a few extras) from my A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum, which includes theme-based lesson plans for the entire school year.

Thanksgiving Preschool Art Ideas

Here are some simple art projects to do with your kiddos during Thanksgiving break.  Sorry I don’t have cute pictures to go along with them.  This is an excerpt from my A to Z Toddler And  Preschool Curriculum.

  • Turkey Placemat-Purchase a cloth placemat in a light color (such as tan or pale yellow); paint toddler’s hand to look like a turkey by painting the thumb and palm brown (body and head) and the fingers various Fall colors like pointer finger-red,tall finger-yellow, ring finger-orange; and pinky finger-green; use fabric markers to add eye and orange beak and to write Happy Thanksgiving; These will be keepsakes!
  • Baby Food Jar Thanksgiving Candle Votive-cut orange, brown and yellow tissue paper into small square; have toddler paint glue onto outside of clean baby food jar and then stick tissue squares on the glue; when finished brush all over with glue to smooth down corners of tissue paper squares; when dry add tea light candle and place on Thanksgiving table for decoration
  • Paper Bag Turkey-decorate brown lunch sack with markers; stuff with newspapers and twist end closed and up to resemble turkey head; glue on feathers cut from construction paper
  • Paper Plate Collage: have your child help you find pictures of foods he loves in magazines; cut them out and have toddler glue them on the paper plate (or use the cornucopia coloring sheet included in this resource)
  • Pillow Case Indian Vest-cut arms holes in side of white or light colored pillow case and cut down the middle in front; have toddler decorate with markers or fabric paint
  • Indian Head Band-Use long strip of black construction paper for the headband and have toddler clue on craft feathers or colorful feathers you cut from construction paper
  • Corn Painting-roll ear of corn in paint that is spread on paper plate; have toddler roll the corn over white paper; use several corn cobs and several colors paint for pretty, textured art work
  • Indian Bracelets-cut toilet roll in half and down the middle to make “clamp bracelets;” have toddler use markers, craft jewels/sequins, or glitter to decorate
  • Feather Painting-use craft feathers as you would paint brushes

Free Valentine Folder Game

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a free Valentine Matching File Folder Game for your little one.

Valentine Match Up

If you have any trouble opening, just email me and I will send it to you directly. info@toddlerbitesonline.com

Don’t forget, I have previously posted a Valentine’s Lesson Plan, click here to see that.

You can also order the Valentine’s Day Party Planner from Currclick.


Valentine Match Up File Folder Game

I have created a new file folder game.  When my daughter was younger and I needed to work with my older son during the school hours, I would pull out a bucket of file folder games and let her play with those.  There was enough of a variety that it kept her busy.  She loved doing them and was learning at the same time!!

I just finished a Valentine Match Up File Folder game that would be perfect to present to your little one next week on Valentine’s Day.  Your child will practice discriminating differences and matching various patterned hearts.  Print and cut out all of the components of this resource and glue into a file folder as indicated.  Print out another set of the hearts for matching.  Cut out the extra set into individual hearts.  Your child will look for a heart matching the one in the folder and lay it on top.

If you’d like to check it out, it is for sale for only 50 cents through Currclick.

Don’t forget to check out Playful Penguins and Cookie Jar Counting file folder games as well!

Colorful Clip Sorting for Teeny Tots

Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler is doing her Teeny Tot Tuesday idea share today.  I will try to post a new idea each Tuesday as well.

Here’s a simple one that my teeny tots always loved.

I call it Colorful Clip Sorting.

Purchase colorful clothes pins ($1.00 type stores usually have colorful, easy open, plastic clothes pins); give child matching colored paper glued to cereal box cardboard; let him put clothes pins of correct color on the cardboard.

This is a great fine motor activity.


Playful Penguins File Folder Game

This morning, Confessions of a Homeschooler had a Link Up where we shared what we do to keep our Teeny Tots busy.  I shared our file folder game bucket.

I thought I would also share a file folder game that I created and have for sale through Currclick.

It costs 50 cent and all you do is print, cut, glue in a file folder, and done!!

Let your Teeny Tot play away!!  She won’t even realize she’s actually learning number recognition and counting!!

Check it out, if interested:)

Playful Penguins File Folder Game through Currclick.

Folder Games for Teeny Tots

Today Confessions of a Homeschooler is doing a Link Up.  She has asked that we share what we do with our Teeny Tots.  For me, it was about the folder games!!!  I made this bucket of folder games and my teeny tot could pick and choose at will while I was working with my older child.

Most of my folder games are just homemade ones.  For example, I bought a card game of match and glued one of each match inside the folder and put the other matches in a ziplock bag.  She would place the match from the bag on top of the one in the folder.  Simple!

Here are a few titles that I have:

Cupcake Counting – put cupcakes in folder with number on them; count and add Popsicle stick “candles.”

Ants in the Anthill – roll the dice and add that many ants to  the anthill

Feed the Pig – feed the pig using squares cut from yellow construction paper (corn)

Cookie Jar Math – cut out pictures of cookies and add to the cookie jar

Train Wheel Math – roll dice and add dry wagon wheel pasta to train cars

Squirrel Match – add acorns to squirrels with numbers on them

Zoo Match – purchase set of match cards; place the other match on top

Umbrella Letter Match – glue umbrellas with upper case in folder; match lower case raindrops

Colored Picture Match – purchase color flashcards (with animals); glue construction paper in folder and put matching card on top

Pancake Counting – glue brown construction paper pancakes into folder; write numbers on them; add the correct number of pieces of butter (yellow squares) to the pancakes

Numbers in Bloom – add petals to the flowers; the petals have dots and the flowers have the number

Trace the Shape – draw shapes in folder and laminate with clear contact paper; provide a Vis a Vive overhead marker and let your child trace the shape; erase with wet wipe and reuse


**Tip:  Poker Chips Make great counters and are very inexpensive to purchase!!

Here’s an example:

Take an empty Pringles can and draw a dog face with mouth open and glue to the top.  Cut a slit where the mouth is.  Let your child “feed” the dog his dog food (poker chips) as he counts how many the dog is eating.  Or give them a number first…feed the dog 3 dog biscuits.  They LOVE hearing the poker chip “clunk” when it hits the bottom of the can!


Hope these help!!  Let me know if you want any other pictures of the games or further instruction on how to make them. info@toddlerbitesonline.com


Terrific Teeth Lesson Plan

Here’s a great lesson plan to do with preschoolers during Dental Health month (February).  This is an excerpt from A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum.

Theme:  Terrific Teeth


  • Scripture:  …Suffer the little children to come unto me… Mark 10:14
  • Tell the story of Jesus and the Children.  Keep it simple.  One day Jesus was teaching.  A group of mothers wanted their children to meet Jesus.  They brought the children to him, but the disciples said, “No.”  Jesus saw what happened and told the disciples to let the children come to Him.  He took the children up into his arms, laid His hands on them and blessed them.
  • Sing:  “Jesus Loves the Little Children”

Theme Learning

  • Intro. Teeth theme – What are teeth made of?

Teeth are made up of four main parts. On the outside is a protective layer of enamel – the hardest substance in the body. Below that is a bone-like substance called dentin, which makes up the largest part of the tooth. Underneath the dentin, the tooth actually has a soft center. This is called the pulp, and it houses all of the tooth’s blood vessels and nerve endings. Finally, the cementum covers the roots. Copied from http://www.aquafresh.com

  • How can I take care of my teeth?  Brush 2 times a day, floss your teeth, stay away from too many sugary foods, visit the dentist twice a year, drink milk, raw foods like apples help clean the teeth
  • Colorful Stained Teeth-cut tooth shape from white construction paper; glue tooth to another full sheet of construction paper and cover entire page with clear contact paper; discuss with child that when you eat sweet things your teeth get dirty and need to be cleaned.  Color part of tooth with water base purple marker to resemble grape jelly…color part of tooth with red marker to resemble red sucker..continue with other colors; have child clean tooth with damp rag; water base markers will clean easily (test before doing activity) Note:  Each child will make one of these during Center Time
  • How many teeth do I have?  Preschoolers have 20..adults have 32.  Discuss baby teeth versus permanent teeth.  Explain that between the ages of 6 to 12, children lose their teeth and those are replaced with permanent ones.

Letter Skills

  • Say It:  T says “t” like a ticking clock
  • Play a Game:  while you pretend to be asleep, have children pretend to be clocks and make the “t” ticking sound; have one child ring a bell to signify alarm clock ringing and then you “wake up”; repeat allowing everyone a chance to ring the bell
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter T with torn bits of colorful paper
  • Letter T box – fill empty wet wipes box with small items that begin with letter T (timer, toy turtle, tooth, top, telephone-old cell phone, etc.)
  • Pulling Teeth game – cut a simple mouth shape from red construction paper; tape on white squares for teeth (note-roll the tape and add to back of tooth to attach to mouth); be sure there is one tooth for each child in the class; if child can say the “t” sound correctly when asked what T says, he had come up and “pull” one tooth out by taking it off the poster
  • T is for Train Tracks – cut out two trips from brown construction paper; have child draw lines up and down and across so that each strip looks like a set of train tracks; Glue the strips to another piece of paper to look letter T
  • T is for Toothbrush – cut toothbrush shape from construction paper; have child add pieces of yarn for the bristles; glue to another piece of construction paper; write T is for toothbrush at the bottom and have child circle the t’s


  • Kangaroo Counting-give child an apron (like the kind at Home Stores used for holding tools); write numbers 1-10 on index card; have child hop to number try to tell what it is and put it in his pouch (apron)
  • Bank-Use old can with lid (such as Pringles can) and cut slit in top to make a homemade bank; since coins are choking hazards, purchase larger Poker chips and let your child put these “coins” into the bank (a sure favorite great for fine motor skills)
  • Counting Teeth-use mini marshmallows which look like teeth to count 1-10
  • Repeat the Pattern – chomp teeth together __ times, clap __ times, tap fingers __ times, blink __ times, etc.)
  • Number Flashcard Review – show various flashcards and instruct children that when they see number __ they should pretend to brush teeth; repeat with other numbers

Shape Practice

  • Crown Jewels-run through Burger King drive through and ask for a paper crown; have child glue diamond shaped craft jewels onto the crown; you could also cut crown shapes from colorful fun foam or construction paper
  • Potato Print-cut potato in half and use knife to cut away a diamond shape; dip in paint and stamp
  • Walk Around the Diamond – use blue painters tape to create a large diamond shape on the floor; children should line up and walk around the diamond shape


  • Magnetic Color Practice-give child cookie sheet and magnetic letters; have him find color you call out and place on cookie sheet; magnets will stick on metal pan
  • White Cotton Ball collecting-use kitchen tongs to move white cotton balls from one bucket to another
  • Colorful Stained Teeth-cut tooth shape from white construction paper; glue tooth to another full sheet of construction paper and cover entire page with clear contact paper; discuss with child that when you eat sweet things your teeth get dirty and need to be cleaned.  Color part of tooth with water base purple marker to resemble grape jelly…color part of tooth with red marker to resemble red sucker..continue with other colors; have child clean tooth with damp rag; water base markers will clean easily (test before doing activity)
  • I Spy White – look around for things that are white in the room; let each child have a turn to spot something
  • ToothFairy, ToothFairy, Who Has Your Tooth? (like Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone) one student sits in chair facing away from class, place paper tooth cutout under chair; point to one child who quietly sneaks up and takes tooth and hides in lap; the Tooth Fairy has 3 guesses to discover who took the tooth


  • Alligator Teeth Painting-cut egg cartons in half and give each child row of 6 alligator teeth; use paint brush to paint the alligator’s teeth white (this only works with the cardboard type egg cartons versus the shiny type…have parents save in advance)
  • Paint with toothbrush – provide toothbrushes to use as paintbrushes and let children paint on a white piece of paper
  • Tooth Fairy Bag – cut two, C-shaped pieces of felt for each child; punch holes along the sides and let child use yarn to lace up around the shape; put knots in the ends; glue white felt tooth shape to the front of bag; make the loop large enough to hand on your child’s doorknob  (Note:  wrap tooth in a tissue before putting in bag, so it doesn’t drop through the bottom.)


  • Baby Bottle Shakers-recycle those old, clear plastic baby bottles by filling with rice, beans, etc.; secure the top with masking tape for instant shakers; for added fun buy colorful Nerds candies and pour inside; these are fun to look at (can use baby food jar…just be careful about breakage) Explain that baby’s shouldn’t go to sleep with a baby bottle…it’s bad for their teeth.
  • Train Follow the Leader – play music and have children make a train, one behind the other, moving all around the room; change train engine and caboose often so that everyone gets a turn

Game Time

  • Feed the Monster-draw a fun looking monster with teeth on large poster board and secure to back of kitchen chair; cut a large mouth into the board; give child pieces of paper that has been balled up and let him try to toss the monster food into the monster’s mouth
  • Soda Bottle Bowling-discuss that soda isn’t good for teeth, but make a great game; use the empty bottles from a recycling center set up like bowling pins; use ball to try and knock down all the pins (Explain that soda is not good for your teeth.)

Snack Idea

  • Mini Marshmallows-look like teeth and make a great snack; add stick pretzel toothbrushes if you’d like (if there are no peanut allergies in your class, take an apple slice and spread with peanut butter and then top with mini marshmallow teeth and another slice of apple on top for a cute smile)

Fieldtrip Ideas

  • Visit the dentist’s office
  • Have a hygienist come in to speak with your homeschool group
  • Watch show, “Arthur’s Tooth” (on PBS by author Marc Brown)


Preschool Lesson Plan – Valentine’s Day

Below is an excerpt from A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum.  It is the lesson plan for the week of Valentine’s Day.  Pick and choose the ideas you like or do a few each day to complete them all.  I have a printable lesson plan sheet with all of the activities already assigned to days.  Email me if you’d like a free copy.  info@toddlerbitesonline.com

Special Holiday Week
Letter: Review
Color: Red
Number: Review
Shape: Heart
Scripture: …Love one another; as I have loved you…
John 13:34

Theme: Valentine’s Week/Love


Scripture: …Love one another; as I have loved you… John 13:34

Tell story of the Good Samaritan. Keep it simple: A man was walking along theroad. Some men robbed him and he was hurt. Three people passed by, but only the third man stopped to help. He bandaged the man’s hurt places and gave him
money to stay in a hotel until he was better. Have child place band aids on doll or stuffed animal to roll play how the Good Samaritan took care of the man in the story.

Discuss helping others. Have child help you clean up by using large laundry

basket and having him pick up toys around house. Let your child pass out the napkins at supper.

Theme Learning

Who was Saint Valentine? It is believed that Saint Valentine was a priest in Rome who helped Christians who were persecuted during that time (there are other legends about who this Saint was)

Who Do You Love? Talk about what it means to love someone. Who do you love? How can you show love to others?

Valentine’s Day Traditions Today: candy, parties, flowers, hearts, balloons, card exchange, etc.

Valentine Cards Through the Years: show examples (if possible, from different eras)

Letter Skills
Review Letters covered so far

Review all letter boxes A – P (each week, fill empty wet wipes containers with things that begin with the letter of the week…you will have 26 boxes at the end of the year)

Sing the Alphabet Song to review all letters

Erase the letter – write letters learned so far on the board (A-P); have student come up and erase the letter you say; repeat so that everyone has a turn

Pick a Pocket game – purchase one of those hanging shoe organizers with lots of pockets; put a letter in each (cut out from paper or use ABC magnets); children take turns coming up and pulling letter from pocket – he should tell what letter it is and what sound it makes

Trace magnetic alphabet letters

Alphabet stamping – purchase a set of ABC stamps and stamp pad and let the children stamp the letters on white paper

Play dough with alphabet cookie cutters

Sing: What’s the Sound song to review all letters

What’s the Sound – tune B-I-N-G-O
What’s the sound that starts these words
_____ and _____ and ______
/ / is the sound, / / is the sound, / / is the sound
That starts ____, _____, and _____.

Review Numbers covered so far

Flashlight Writing – turn off the lights and use a flashlight to “write” a number on the wall or ceiling; children must try to guess what number you wrote

Who Has # __? game – give each child an index card that has a number on it; call out a number and those children who have it should stand; repeat several times and then let the children switch numbers with their neighbor

Fishing for Numbers – provide a stick with yarn tied on one end; hot glue a magnet to the other end of the yarn; cut out fish shapes and add large metal gem clip at mouth; let children take turns fishing for the number you call out…or have
them pull out a fish and tell you what number it is

What Comes After game – call out a number and have children try to tell what number comes next…before

Shape Practice
Heart Hide and Seek: Hide heart cutouts all over the room and let your toddler go on a heart hunt.

Purchase heart shaped stickers readily available around Valentine’s Day. Give your child a piece of construction paper and let him put the stickers all over it.

Play with red play dough.

Finger paint with red paint.

Stained Glass Heart hanging: Purchase colorful tissue paper and clear contact paper. Have your toddler tear tissue paper into small pieces. Precut the tissue paper into small squares if you would rather. Have toddler place red tissue paper
pieces on sticky side of one piece of contact paper. When finished, add piece of contact paper on top and smooth out with hand. Cut out in the shape of a heart. Punch a hole and attach a piece of red yarn. Hang in a window for a stained glass

Make Valentine Cards: provide lots of supplies and stickers and let children get creative

Valentine Card Bucket: Ask a local restaurant or school lunchroom to save large vegetable cans for you. Wash the cans out and spray paint red, white or pink.  Drill two holes on either side of the can. Let your child add fun foam hearts, heart
stickers, or decorate with paint and sponge shapes. Add ribbon through the drilled holes to make a handle. Have children bring in Valentines to exchange.  Be sure each bucket is clearly labeled with child’s name. Send home a class list
for parents in advance.

Teach sign language for I love you: open hand wide; put tall finger and ring finger down

Teach sign language for Jesus Loves Me and sing while signing: for Jesus you point to the palms of each hand…one and then the other using tall, middle finger; for loves you cross your arms in front of your chest; for me just point to yourself

Sing: “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” Use sign language for word love.

Game Time
Place several shoeboxes on a table. Fill them with different colored construction paper hearts cut into a variety of sizes. Have your child sort the hearts according to size, color, or both.

Blow Kisses: Toddlers LOVE blowing kisses. Blow a kiss to your toddler and have him blow one back. Repeat over and over. Try up high, down low, to the right, left, etc.

Valentine Bingo – see Resource section for game board and pieces

A Tisket, A Tasket game – provide a basket with heart cut out; have the children form a circle; give one child the basket and have him walk around the outside of the circle as we sing the following; he should drop the heart and see if that child
can catch him before he gets back to his seat (run around outer circle much like you do for the game Duck, Duck, Goose)

A Tisket, A Tasket song:
A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket
I wrote a letter to my friend
And on the way I dropped it

Who Stole My Heart? Game – played like Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone; have children sit in circle; one child sits in chair facing away from others; place a heart cut out under chair; point to one child who quietly comes up and gets heart
and hides between legs; everyone says, “Who Stole Your Heart?” and the child in chair turns around and has three guesses

Snack Idea
Hershey’s Kisses & pretzels make a sweet and salty treat

Cupcakes with red sprinkles: Make cupcakes with white frosting. Buy red sugar sprinkles and let your toddler shake away. This is messy, but so much fun for your toddlers. He/she will be so proud of the cupcake he helped decorate. Older
preschoolers may be able to frost their own cupcake with plastic butter knife.

Fieldtrip Ideas
Visit a local Nursing Home and sing songs, pass out Valentine Cards

Have a Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
“Here’s a little something sweet to make your breakfast toast a treat!” Have your child mix sugar and cinnamon together in large plastic mixing bowl. Let him spoon the mixture into clean baby food jars. Place fabric circle or seasonal
cupcake liner on top of lid. Wrap with rubber band and then tie with pretty ribbon or yarn. Attach a card with message above. Give to grandparents, elderly neighbor, friends, etc. as Valentine’s Day gift.

“You’re Cut Out to Be My Valentine” Have your child decorate a precut heart shape tag with message above written on it. Use ribbon to attach to heart shaped cookie cutter. Give as a gift to church teachers, grandparents, etc.

“Dough you want to be my Valentine?” Make homemade play dough (recipe below). Put in zip lock bag with card that has message above written on it. Give to Sunday School classmates and friends.