Doggie Birthday Party

doggie party cover










My daughter wanted to have a DOGGIE BIRTHDAY PARTY for her doggie. I couldn’t resist using this as a learning opportunity. Among the decoration and party food ideas, you’ll find paragraph practice and an invitation for practice writing addresses and the date. Even if your child doesn’t have a doggie, you could throw this simple party for a stuffed animal and have guests each bring along a stuffed animal too!

This resource includes:

• Paragraph guide and final draft sheet to display during the party
• fun dog balloon idea
• trendy bunting with cupcakes and letters spelling Happy B’day
• a super cute dog mobile with dangling paw prints


Recipes & Party Menu (for people and dogs)

Party Favor Bag & Ideas

Have fun!


Super cheap kid’s birthday gift

I don’t know about in your neck of the woods, but it seems like everyone around here was born around this time of year.  The kids have been bombarded with birthday invitations.  Buying gifts can get pricey, so here’s a great little gift idea that is sure to be a hit and won’t break the bank.

Purchase a puzzle and puzzle glue.  This glow in the dark Star Wars 48 piece puzzle came from Dollar Tree.  The puzzle glue was from Wal-mart, as was the gift bag.

Viola!  You have a super cheap kid’s birthday gift.  If you have a little extra money, maybe add a pack of pencils.  At this time in the school year, they are usually needed and welcomed!

The best part is, you can stock up on these items and have them on hand for those unexpected birthdays that pop up throughout the year.  You can purchase puzzles in most of the popular themes such as Disney Princess, Littlest Pet Shop, etc.

The puzzle glue makes it extra special since the recipient can create a work of art and hang it up when finished. You may even want to include a Command Poster Hanging Strip.  These don’t damage the wall, so that should keep the moms of your gift recipients happy!  There are 12 in a pack, so you could split the pack up and have plenty for all your gift giving.

Super Easy Fleece Scarf

My daughter and I made the easiest ever winter scarf.  It was so much fun to do and she is so proud of it!!

First Step:  We bought 1/4 yard of fleece fabric.  We bought ours at Walmart and it was cost $2.24, for the 1/4 yard.

Second Step:  We spread the fleece out on our craft table and trimmed both ends.  The lady at the fabric department did a good job cutting down the sides, so we didn’t have to do any extra trimming there.Third Step:  Cut slits on each end.  There really is no way to mess this up.  Just cut the slits all the same length.  Next, tie each strip in a knot as shown in the photo.Here’s the finished scarf!!My daughter even made a tiny one for her stuffed animal!!

This craft was so easy to do and so affordable, that we made all of my daughter’s girl cousins one!!

This would be a great craft for a girl’s party.

Chocolate Pretzel Squares Snack

Here’s a great, last minute holiday snack for you take to that Christmas party coming up…

These little snacks are made by lining mini pretzel squares on a baking sheet and topping each one with a Hershey’s Hug (like Hershey’s Kisses, but they are white chocolate with dark chocolate stripes).  Put these in an oven and bake at 200 degrees just until you notice the Hugs beginning to melt.  Take out immediately and top with the other pretzel square.

So easy and sooo yummy!!


Barbie Birthday Party

My daughter wanted to have a Barbie-themed birthday party this year.  We kept it simple, but she had so much fun!


If you are fortunate enough to have French doors, you can use craft paint to freehand some shapes like sunglasses, lips, hearts, etc. onto the window panes.  (You could do this on the window panes if you don’t have the French doors.)  It comes off easily with Windex.

We hung a banner we bought from Walmart, along with streamers and balloons all around the room.


I used my Pampered Chef mixing bowl with one box of strawberry cake mix to make the dress for our Barbie cake below.  The Barbie doll we bought was really tall, so I actually had to make two cakes and piece them together.  We used pink, Strawberry flavored frosting for her skirt.  We decorated with those ready-made cake decorating candies.


We didn’t have a game per say, we did have a mini “spa” set up for the girls.  We had back rubbers, foot soak, etc.  We also had nail polish to paint the girls’ nails.


We gave each girl a Barbie treat bag that we bought from Walmart.  Inside, we put lip gloss, candy, bubbles (like you might get for a wedding), etc.