Free Budget App from Dave Ramsey

every dollar app










I don’t know if you saw my recent article on Money Saving Mom about how I budget using a modified envelope system (no CASH involved!), but if you missed it, you can check it out here.  This has worked well for me for several years.

I’m a little old fashioned and like the paper and pen method, but maybe it’s time to move from saving paper receipts to an app.

When I started searching for a good one, I found one from Dave Ramsey.  It’s called Every Dollar and it’s FREE.

I just downloaded it and have already set up my January budget via the app.  The difference for me will be that instead of saving my receipt to put into an envelope labeled with that category (food, gas, etc.), I will simply enter the transaction on the app.  This app will instantly calculate what I have remaining in my budget.  The line items were already set up (food, phones, mortgage, etc.)  The only thing I had to do was put in the amount I “planned” to spend.  Then, I will enter my transactions under the appropriate category once I pay for something.

I think this will work for me because I can see myself getting in the car and immediately opening this app on my phone and typing in the transaction.  Maybe this is something that will benefit you as well.

I’m all about organizing, especially this time of year, and I love it when I find something that is user friendly and specific to my needs.  This one has promise!

(I may update this post after a few months to let you know how it goes!)



2016 Journal for Prayer and Bible Reading

journal cover










Journal for Prayer and Bible Reading

I am so giddy about this new journal! I am tickled because I am personally excited about using it as I begin 2016.

I don’t know if you watched the TBN special Hope for the Holidays the other night, but Beth Moore was on it and I was inspired. When she was chatting with the other ladies on set about her journal, she said she took one she’d been given and modified it to make it her own. She said it’s relatively blank at the onset of the new year. She lifts it up to the Lord and prays that the Lord fill it and her year however He wills. Then, at year end, she closes it and thanks God for his work within those pages and her life. I just loved that.

I thought about my own journal. I have used school-grade spiral composition books for years. This time, I wanted my journal to feel special. I also wanted it to be organized with my prayer list and journaling notes all in one place. I wanted it to include my mantra for this year: Love Deeply. Live Fully. Seek Wholly. I wanted it to include Scripture that would remind me of who I am in Christ – just in case I need them at a moment’s notice while life gets complicated. I wanted it to include the prayer strategy sheets I use daily for my children, marriage, etc.

This journal does not include devotionals. It does not include a suggested Scripture reading plan. I debated about including those things, but ultimately decided that I didn’t want this journal to hinder your being able to meet directly with the Lord yourself. I never know where the Lord may lead me in my Bible reading time. If a passage doesn’t instantly come to mind, I usually read the Lifeway’s Journey devotional magazine entry for that day. On the side of the page, there is a suggested scripture reference for further reading. I will generally start there.

God is doing an active work in your life and circumstances. He wants to be very specific with you. His Word is active and sharp. (Hebrews 4:12) That’s where intimacy in the relationship comes. I wouldn’t dare want to take that privilege from Him. However, if He leads me to share with you the Scripture He’s laid on my heart for a particular morning and use me in that way to get the reference to You, I will be happy to oblige. You can follow me on this blog and Twitter to get those updates.

I pray that God uses this journal to make you feel like the special, beloved person you are to Him. I pray He uses it to help you keep record of your intimate times with Him. I pray you can flip back and be encouraged at His provision. I pray you can flip back and use it to share your testimony of the greatness of the Lord – even, and especially, in the midst of your day to day life that is very real and very hard sometimes (Psalm 78:4). I pray you love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind – with everything you’ve got!

Much love,



Print out the front and back of your journal onto cardstock paper for extra durability. NOTE: Print pages 2-7, single-sided. Print 8-13, double-sided (one set for each week of the year). Print pages 14, single-sided. Print pages 15—20 double-sided. Print pages 21-23, single-sided.

Spiral bind.
I prefer the coil type that folds back easily. An office supply store can get this done for you.

Create a ribbon bookmark.
Tie a long piece of shabby chic ribbon to the top rung of the spiral binding comb. Use as a bookmark to mark the day you are currently working on.

Journal Tabs

Directions: Print this page onto cardstock. Cut out the tabs and affix with glue to the back side of the first page of these sections in your journal. The tabs will help since you will flip here daily.
I Am…
Strategic Prayers

Purchase a Pen
I highly recommend that you purchase a special pen for use with this journal. Treat yourself, if your budget allows, to this simple indulgence. You are so special and doing this for yourself will remind you of that each time you put pen to page while working daily in this journal.

SPECIAL NOTE – This journal contains no dates in it. If you purchase it for 2016, you can still use this same journal every year hereafter!

Menu Planner Freebie

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I have gotten so many new blog followers recently and I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU!

I’m so excited you’ve decided to join me here as I share the various things the Lord lays on my heart.

If you are like me, I carefully select what comes into my Inbox so I’m not bombarded with things I won’t read.  So, the fact that you’ve decided to subscribe here means a lot to me.

As a special “thank you” I would like to give you something that I hope will help streamline your menu planning.   It’s the menu planner portion from my Homeschool Planner.  If you haven’t checked out the planner yet, it has LOTS of freebies too!

Download the free Menu Planner here:

Editable Powerpoint version:

Menu Planners freebie

PDF version (simply print and write on)

Menu Planners freebie PDF

This freebie is FULLY EDITABLE!  (I’ve also included a non-editable PDF version as well.)

You get:

  • A blank Menu sheet (for you to post on your refrigerator)
  • A blank Grocery Shopping Organizer (divided by store departments such as Dairy, Frozen, Baking,etc.)
  • A month’s worth of sample menu’s ready to go!  The four samples include weekly Menus already filled in, complete Grocery Lists for each week, and Recipes!


Homeschool Compliance attendance tool

2015 col









If getting more organized was one of your New Year’s Resolutions (isn’t it always), I have something that has helped me tremendously.

For years, I’ve used for filing my annual Homeschool Letter of intent and monthly attendance reports. It costs just $1 per month (you pay $12 all at once each year).

It’s SO EASY to use and a huge time-saver! Basically, on the first day of each month, I receive an email that states it’s time to file my monthly attendance for the month that just ended.  I click the link in the email and see a form with an auto-fill feature that has all the week days already checked.  I can click to un-check it if we didn’t have school one day.  This tool has auto-calc means no more counting days!

Next, I hit SAVE and that’s it!

They provide return receipt (proof that your forms were received) and 12 years of offsite backup.

I am not affiliated with Homeschool Compliance.  I just use this tool myself and wanted to share it with you.  It’s one less thing…

There’s a 3 month FREE trial.

Here’s the link:

…..Organize my homeschool records – check

BTW…The cute 2015 graphic above was from  She has a Freebie Friday graphic each week!






Spring Cleaning Series #4 card keeper









I’m doing a Spring Cleaning series right now.  Each week (on Saturday) I will be posting a new idea for either cleaning or organizing.


Idea #4


Card Keeper



Looking for a way to organize all those cards your children get for birthdays and holidays?  Why not make a card keeper? The  one that I will show you today will hold tons of cards and then when your child leaves home one day, what a great keepsake this card box will be!

Here’s what you do…









We re-purposed a corn dog box for this card keeper.  My daughter decoupaged it with scrapbook paper cut into strips.

That’s it!

Now just fill it with cards as they come in!



Spring Cleaning Series #3 stuffed animal storage solution

Junior Pink Flower Bean Bag Cover

Each week I’m posting a new Spring Cleaning tip.  Here’s the third one.

Spring Cleaning Series…

#3  Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

If you have a daughter, then chances are you have stuffed animals galore!  My daughter loves them and won’t part with any of them.  But, they are taking up way too much space!  So here’s a solution.  (I can’t take credit for this one… I read it somewhere years ago.  I just can’t remember where!)

Here’s what you do…

Purchase a colorful bean bag cover.   Check out this one from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It’s a Junior size, but is only $12.99.  I just saw similar ones at Walmart for about the same price.

Fill the cover with stuffed animals instead of the bean bag filling.

Stuffed animals make a really nice cushy bean bag and whenever your daughter wants to play with them, she just unzips and there they all are!

Tip:  Unless your daughter sits on the beanbag a lot, the animals shouldn’t get too unshapely.  However; just to be sure, only put those “stuffies” that aren’t her favorites in the bag. 🙂

Photo credit:  Bed Bath and Beyond

Spring Cleaning Series #2 organizing supplies


I’m doing a Spring Cleaning series right now.  Each week I will be posting a new idea for either cleaning or organizing.

Idea #2

Recycled Vegetable Cans for organizing your supplies

Have your local school save large vegetable cans for you.  I’ve done this multiple times for various projects and they are always happy to give them away.  (Special thanks to my friend Dawn for getting my cans from the school where she teaches 🙂

Here’s what you do…

Clean and dry the cans.

Paint with chalkboard paint. (be sure you pick the kind that is for metal..I got mine at Home Depot for around $10.)

It will take two or three coats.  Be sure to let the first coat dry completely before adding the second coat. (Tip:  if you spray paint with primer, you can probably save one coat of chalkboard paint.)

Once dry, label with chalk.

Add your supplies.  I am using mine to store Craft and Art Supplies.

You may even want to purchase a plastic storage shelf to store your cans on.  They are very inexpensive.

Spring Cleaning Series: #1 Cleaning Caddy

photo credit: HGTV

I’m beginning a new Spring Cleaning series.  Each Saturday, I will be posting a new Spring Cleaning idea!  I chose to post on Saturdays because that’s my cleaning day.  Yep, I do it all in one day.  But, then I’m done for the week, except for the regular day to day chores like loading the dishwasher.  If you haven’t checked out my Saturday Chores resource, you may be interested in it as well.

Spring Cleaning Series :  #1 Cleaning Caddy

A long time ago when we were renting a house while ours was being built (and we were doing a lot of the work).  I was too tired to clean up the rental house when we finally moved out.  I was already up to my eyeballs painting the walls of the new place.  So…I hired a lady to come and clean the rental.

I noticed she had a cleaning caddy and I’ve never forgotten it.  It looked like the one in the photo above.  It was nice and large, so that everything she needed fit in there.  No running back to get more supplies.  With it, she whipped from room to room with ease.

I found this really great list of cleaning caddy essentials from HGTV.  I haven’t used all of these products, but I think I may give some a try.  I do have one favorite that I won’t switch.  It’s my Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner that I use for mopping.  It has Febreeze in it.  It really smells nice!

Mr. Clean Febreze Freshness Meadows & Rain Multi-Surfaces Liquid - 40 oz

Photo credit:  PB&G eStore

Make a Kid’s Car Organizer for free

My van constantly stays cluttered with the kid’s stuff, so I decided to make a car organizer.  I thought it would be a great simple sewing project for daughter.

We just looked around the house for fabric.  We found this purple and black print in our bucket of fabric scraps.  You could also use an old shirt or pillow case.  Your husband’s old shirt would probably give you enough fabric.

We cut one large piece of fabric for the back and three small pieces for the pockets.   I let my daughter iron the pieces.  We folded down the edges and sewed a seam around every edge on all four pieces.  We then lay the “pocket” pieces on top of the larger piece and sewed them into place – right on top of the back piece…no turning inside out or anything like that.

We then looked in her hairbow drawer and found a hair accessory that had lots of ribbons that she didn’t wear anymore.  We sewed a ribbon on each corner so that we could tie the organizer to the van seat.  We tied the extra ribbon to the corners just to make it look cuter.

Voila!  A car organizer and it was FREE and took very little time to make!!  She stores a little bottle of hand sanitizer, a small pack of tissues, games, coloring book, etc. in here.

Organizing – Kid’s Clothes

I have a motto…if everything has a place, then it might get put back in it (and not left all over the place).   Okay, so it’s not a very catch motto, but I live by it just the same. 😉

As for Kid’s Clothes, we wash clothes on Saturday and they help fold them up and put them away.

We have designated drawers on their dressers.

  • The top drawer is for underwear and pajamas.
  • The second drawer is for shirts.
  • The third drawer is for pants/shorts.

Their closets are for church clothes or nice “town clothes.”

The bars in their closets are LOW…at their level.  You should have seen my husband’s face when I asked him to move them down to his waist level!  But, it has been such a good thing for the kids!  They can hang up their own clothes and can reach the shelf on top too. My daughter stores stuffed animals there.  We’ll just keep raising the bar as they grow up (but I haven’t told my husband that just yet!)

(Notice a couple of other things in here:  I put a large bucket so he can tidy his floor quickly.  I also have a metal trashcan for storing all those Nerf guns and Light Sabers.)

For organizing what the kids will wear each day, these Canvas Shoe Holders work wonders!  My daughter and son both have them.  His is in his closet, as you can see above.  Her organizer is in a corner of the room, as you can see below.

The top shelf is for pajamas (yep, so now they aren’t left laying on the floor).  The other shelves are for their clothes…Monday through Friday.  They know what they will wear each day.  This has been a huge time-saver, especially when we are in a hurry to get somewhere!

These six shelf shoe holders are just $10 at Walmart.

Okay, so I didn’t mention socks anywhere!  And that can be a problem.  But, I’m saving that one until I have time to tell you my organizing system for the family shoes (and socks)!

So there you have it, my organizing solution for Kid’s Clothes.  I’ll try to post something new each week.  We have a space for everything!  Let me know if you have a particular organizing problem and I’ll try to help or at least share here what we do about that area).