Letter Z

Letter Skills:  Letter Z

  • Say It-Z says “z” like zipper
  • Practice It-cut zippers from old jeans or purchase inexpensive, used pants from Goodwill; let child practice zipping the zippers as he says “z” sound
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter Z with zebra stripes made by making lines across Z with black paint and Q-tip (or black crayon)
  • Letter Z box – add small items that begin with Z to an empty wet wipes container (zipper, zero, toy zebra, zinnia, etc.)
  • Z is for Zucchini – cut a zucchini in half and use for stamping; write heading Z is for Zucchini; use several and let children make lots of colorful zucchini circular prints

Letter Y

Letter Skills:  Letter Y

  • Say It:  Y says “y” like yarn
  • Practice It: Yarn Catch-toss ball of yarn to child and have him say “y” sound; when he tosses it back to you, say “y” sound; continue several times
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank letter Y by gluing on pieces of yarn
  • Letter Y box – fill empty wet wipes container with small items that begin with letter Y (yarn, yellow crayon, yo-yo, etc.)
  • Y is for Yellow Like the Sun painting – fingerpaint a letter Y cutout
  • Yell for Letter Y – show flashcards and instruct the students that when they see letter Y, they should yell; have both upper and lower case Y’s included and continue to stick them back in the deck
  • Y is for Yam – cut a yam in half; put some paint in paper plates; let the children use the yam to stamp white construction paper; write heading Y is for Yam on the paper

Letter X

Letter Skills:  Letter X

  • Say It:  X says “x” like xylophone
  • Practice It:  find old toy xylophone at flea market or Goodwill; if child can say “x” sound he may strike the xylophone
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter X with colorful strips of construction paper like a toy xylophone
  • Letter X box – fill empty wet wipes with items that begin with X (pictures of x-ray and xylophone, X-Men action figure, photo of Xavier Roberts-creator of Cabbage Patch Kids)
  • X Bones – cut two white bone shapes from paper; glue onto another piece of construction paper to look like an X
  • X says “ks” – the sound X makes is similar to the sound you hear when you use a spray bottle; simulate the sound; if child can correctly say “ks,” give him a little mist with the squirt bottle
  • XOXO – Hugs and Kisses game:  hold up letter flashcards and instruct the children that when they see letter X, they should give themselves a big hug and blow a kiss (Explain that the letters XOXO stand for hugs and kisses.)


Letter W

Letter Skills:  Letter W

  • Say It:  W says “w” like water
  • Practice It:  Get a plastic garden sprayer and fill with water; tell child if he can say “w” sound when asked what W says that you will mist the air with water and let him feel the rain
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter W with “worms” (small pieces of yarn)
  • Letter W box – fill empty wet wipes box with small items that begin with the letter W (water-in baby food jar, web-white yarn, toy watermelon slice, worm, etc.)
  • W is for Worm – give each child a gummy worm (older preschoolers only) if he can say the correct sound “w” makes when asked
  • W is for Watermelon – Cut out green oval from construction paper; cut out smaller pink oval and glue on top; this should resemble a watermelon that has been split in half; provide black stamp pad; if child can say the “w” sound correctly when asked, he may come up and press finger onto stamp pad and then press onto watermelon-making a fingerprint watermelon seed

Letter V

Letter Skills:

  • Say It:  V says “v” like “vroom”
  • Play a Game: Draw a two-lane road on white poster board; divide the road into sections; divide class into two teams; let one child from each team place toy car at one end of the road; if child can tell you the “v” sound, he may move his team’s car one space; continue asking, “What does V say?”  If child answers without help, he can move forward; if he needs help, he must move back one space
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter V with car tracks; put black paint in paper plate; run Hot Wheels cars through paint and have children roll on their letter U
  • Letter V box – fill empty wet wipes box with small items that begin with letter V (picture of violin, small plastic vase, toy vegetables, etc.)
  • V is for Vegetables – cut our pictures of vegetables from sale flyers; glue to construction paper; write heading V is for Vegetables; let child circle letter v’s
  • V Vroom game – show letter flashcards and when children see V they should all say Vroom! Vroom!; keep sticking letter V back into the deck, so there will be lots of opportunities to identify letter V
  • Letter V Map – cut letter V shape from old map; glue to construction paper
  • V is for Vase – cut 2 triangular shapes for each child  from construction paper; write letter V on the triangle; let child help staple the sides closed; add an artificial flower


Letter U

Letter Skills:  Letter U

  • Say It:  U says “u” like when you have been poked in stomach with finger
  • Play a Game:  let child gently poke belly as he says “u” sound when asked
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter U with fingerprint raindrops; just dip child’s finger into blue paint; let him glue on a cotton ball cloud above the U.
  • Letter U box – fill empty wet wipes box with small things that begin with U (umbrella-like you would put in a drink; unzip-cut zipper from old jeans, utensil, arrow pointing up, etc.)
  • Letter U Water Color Painting – Let children use water color paints to paint U’s on white paper
  • U Macaroni Picture – Write letter U on construction paper using thick, black marker; let children trace the letter U with glue and then glue elbow macaroni (which looks like u’s) to it

Letter T

Letter Skills:  Letter T

  • Say It:  T says “t” like a ticking clock
  • Play a Game:  while you pretend to be asleep, have children pretend to be clocks and make the “t” ticking sound; have one child ring a bell to signify alarm clock ringing and then you “wake up”; repeat allowing everyone a chance to ring the bell
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter T with torn bits of colorful paper
  • Letter T box – fill empty wet wipes box with small items that begin with letter T (timer, toy turtle, tooth, top, telephone-old cell phone, etc.)
  • Pulling Teeth game – cut a simple mouth shape from red construction paper; tape on white squares for teeth (note-roll the tape and add to back of tooth to attach to mouth); be sure there is one tooth for each child in the class; if child can say the “t” sound correctly when asked what T says, he had come up and “pull” one tooth out by taking it off the poster
  • T is for Train Tracks – cut out two trips from brown construction paper; have child draw lines up and down and across so that each strip looks like a set of train tracks; Glue the strips to another piece of paper to look letter T
  • T is for Toothbrush – cut toothbrush shape from construction paper; have child add pieces of yarn for the bristles; glue to another piece of construction paper; write T is for toothbrush at the bottom and have child circle the t’s

Letter S

Letter Skills:  Letter S

  • Say It:  S says “s” like a snake
  • Play a Game:  Have toddler pretend to be snake as he makes the “s” sound; call on one child at a time
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter S by gluing on small pieces of string (yarn)
  • S is for Sight Collage – draw two eyes in the center of a piece of construction paper; have child cut out pictures from magazines that their eyes help them see and past around the eyes on the construction paper (Note:  This page will be added to My 5 Senses Book – sight)
  • S is for Sound  – draw a bell shape from yellow construction paper and cut out; have child glue that bell to another piece of construction paper; add a popsicle stick for handle; explain that we can hear a bell ring because of our sense of hearing (Note:  This page will be added to My 5 Senses Book – hearing)
  • S is for Smelly Flower – have child glue cupcake liner to construction paper; draw a green stem and leaves; spray a cotton ball with perfume and have child glue to middle of cupcake liner flower; write smelly flower at the bottom of the page and let child circle the letter s
  • Hot Snake (like Hot Potato) – make a simple sock snake using tube sock stuffed with fiberfill pillow stuffing and hot glue to close; add wiggle eyes and a red felt tongue; use markers to decorate; have children toss (or pass) the snake and say the “s” sound when they are holding snake


Letter R

Letter Skills:  R

  • Say It:  R says “r” like motorcycle sound “rrrrrr”
  • Practice It:  Roll the ball and have child say “r” sound when he catches ball before he rolls it back
  • Recognize It: Decorate Blank Letter R with rice
  • Letter R box – fill empty wet wipes box with small things that start with R (rice, toy rabbit, toy railroad train, red crayon, toilet roll, recipe card, etc.)
  • R is for Rainbow – write R on white paper; have child trace beside your r with another color and then another and another…continue until you have a rainbow R
  • Find the R’s – give each child a magazine page and have him circle or highlight all the r’s; paste onto construction paper with title “R Hunt”
  • R is for Red – if child can correctly say the “r” sound when asked what R says, he can come up and put a red dot circle sticker on you (you will look like you have the chicken pox, but the kids will really enjoy this)

Letter Q

Letter Skills:  Q

  • Say It:  Q says “q” like a quilt
  • Practice It:  Spread quilt on floor and tell child he may roll on quilt if he says “q” sound; repeat
  • Recognize It: Decorate Blank Letter Q with small fabric squares to form a “quilt”
  • Letter Q Box – fill empty wet-wipes box with small items that begin with letter Q (quarter, Q-tip, quilt square, toy queen, etc.)
  • Q is for Q-tips – let children write letter Q’s using Q-tips and paint
  • Q like Quick game – let students take turns retrieving rubber ducks that have been placed around the room; instruct students they must move as quickly as they can and bring the duck back to the carpet
  • Q is for Quack – Draw letter Q on construction paper; add another line to make the duck bill and add a wiggle eye