FREE Father’s Day Sunday School Lesson

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A few years back, I posted a FREE Father’s Day Lesson for Sunday School.  I’ve updated it just a bit and wanted to post it again today in case you are looking for something for SS this week on Father’s Day.

This lesson points to the characteristics of our Heavenly Father.

Click here to see the post and for all the FREE printables!



September 11 Power Point book AND Coloring and Activity book

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September 11, A Day to Remember is a PowerPoint book. You can pull it up for your students or kids to watch and actually turn the pages to read it just as you would a book.

This book has been written very carefully. I refrained from including scary details, but instead focused on the main facts of the day. I wanted to highlight the bravery and heroism of Americans during that event.

This book was written for elementary-aged children. You could read it to older kids as well and use it as a spring board to research more specific events of the day.

Hope this book helps you explain this event in American history with your students.

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There is a Coloring and Activity Book that accompanies this product:


September 11 PowerPoint book

Sept 11 Powerpoint book cover








This PowerPoint product is a book. You can pull it up for your children or class to watch and actually turn the pages to read it just as you would a book.

This book has been written very carefully. I refrained from including scary details, but instead focused on the main facts of the day. I wanted to highlight the bravery and heroism of Americans during that event.

This book was written for elementary-aged children. You could read it to older kids as well and use it as a spring board to research more specific events of the day.

Hope this book helps you explain this event in American history with your children and students.


Jewlery Bar – You’re Invited



My niece is selling Origami Owl jewelry. She gave me a beautiful necklace for Mother’s Day. It’s basically a circular locket with the charms inside. She put the kid’s birthstones in there and a cross.

I told her I would love to host an online party.

These would be great for graduation presents, bridesmaid’s gifts, milestone birthdays, etc.

You can use the link below or here to see the jewelry. There are lots of charms to choose from.  This company was founded by a young girl who had this idea and made a business of it. It may be a good small business for an older homeschooler?? I know Chelsie would love to have others join her team.

The necklace she gave me was so special, I thought some of you may want to take a look or pass the offer along.

This online jewelry party ends May 30.



Please be sure to use the links in this post or below, so I’ll get credit.  I’m hoping to earn enough for a graduation necklace for another niece who just finished college. Thks:)






Homemade Resurrection Eggs free printables

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Here’s a freebie that I hope you can use for Easter.  Each year, I always make Resurrection Eggs – either with my own children (especially when they were younger), a Sunday School class, AWANA group, etc.

To Make Homemade Resurrection Eggs-save and wash one half dozen egg carton for each child; write numbers 1-6 inside each egg cup; write corresponding numbers on plastic Easter eggs; put the following items in each and use to tell the Easter story:

  • #1 leaf (When Jesus entered Jerusalem, people waved palm leaves.)
  • #2 Cheerio (Jesus ate the “Last Supper” with his friends.)
  • #3 purple cloth (A purple robe was mockingly put on Jesus.)
  • #4 nail (Jesus was nailed to the cross & took the punishment for our sins.)
  • #5 cotton ball sprayed with perfume (Spices were used to prepare His body for burial.)
  • #6 leave empty (Jesus was not in the tomb, He arose.)

This resource includes the cover for the egg cartons.  Print, cut and glue on top of each half carton.

Also included…the paper tags that you cut and place inside each egg. I would probably just use these with older kids.  I think I’d just use the items only with little ones and just send home the entire sheet in tact for parents to refer to.

Finally, I included an excerpt from my A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum.  It’s a complete Easter lesson plan for preschoolers.

One more thing!  I included pictures and directions for making my children’s favorite Easter dessert – Resurrection Rolls!!!

Happy Easter!

Feel free to share this resource!


Note-If you just want the tags and cover printables, here they are:

Resurrection Eggs Half Dozen (tags)

Click the image below to download the cover pdf

Resurection Eggs Cover




Free Sterling Silver Simulated Diamond Stud Earrings

Valentine’s Day can be especially hard for widows and single moms.  Here’s a neat idea!  How about order a pair of these FREE earrings and gift them!  Or, if you are a widow or single mom, treat yourself!

This offer comes from Saving Dollars and Sense (You do have to pay a small shipping fee.)

Remember, you are a treasure and dearly loved by God!!


Valentine’s Day Card Holders – Dog and Creeper



Each year, our homeschool co-op has a Valentine’s Skating party where we exchange Valentine’s.  Here are our Valentine’s Day card holders for this year!  I let the kids get creative each year and this year I think they did a great job!  Actually, my son was sick with the stomach bug and my daughter came up with the Creeper idea for him.  We started to work and when he felt better, he joined in by helping glue the paper to the boxes.

I’ll try to give you some directions for how we made both.  I’m sorry, but I didn’t take pictures along the way.  We had a super busy week!

IMG_8606Creeper Box Directions:

You will need –

1 medium box

1 long box

4 Pop Tart Boxes

Hot glue (and plenty of it!)

Regular school glue

Paintbrush or sponge brush

Creeper paper pattern (I just Googled Creeper pattern.)

Here’s what we did –

First, I hot glued all the boxes together.  Next, I printed out creeper patterns.  I blew the one for the face up to 11 by 17 so that it would be as close to one piece as possible.  The others are really just a hodge-podge, but due to the nature of the pattern, you really can’t tell.

Glue the paper patterns to the creeper using regular school glue applied to the box with a paintbrush or sponge brush.  This helps keep down ripples and gives you a smoother look.

Finally, we cut a hole in the front to deposit the cards.

IMG_8603Dog Box Directions:

You will need –

1 medium box

1 Oatmeal container

2 yarn mops (or more, depending on the size of your box)

ribbon (for the bows and tag)

2 large wiggly eyes

red felt (tongue)

black felt (nose)

What we did –

We took the yarn mops apart.  This was easier than we thought (I actually thought I’d just have to cut the strands loose).  You just remove the nail and the wire that is wrapped around the yarns to keep them in place.

I put a long piece of tape on the table (the length of the box).  I placed it sticky side up and secured the ends by taping them to the table.   Then, my daughter folded the mop yarns in half and laid them on the tape.  She continued until she had covered the entire length of the tape.

Next, I ran a long line of hot glue to the box.  We turned the tape upside downs so that the yarn was on the bottom and laid it on the glue.  Then, we peeled off the tape (which was on top).  We continued to do that with the other side and with the back and front.

For the head, we hot glued  yarn in a circular fashion to the top and bottom of the Oatmeal container.   Then, we turned it on it’s side and just hot glued a section of the Oatmeal box at a time and laid the yarn strands on the glue until one side of the Oatmeal box was covered.

We hot glued the head to the body.

For the ears, I just tied 5 yarn strands together in the middle and hot glued the knot to the box.  I did this again for the other ear.

We then added the eyes, nose and tongue.

Finally, we hot glued the tag on, which was simply a piece of ribbon and a small round label (the kind with the silver rim that you might put on keys.)

I think these were a hit at the Skating party!  The kids sure were proud of them!

Here are the boxes we made last year…


Star Wars box from a cereal box


Beauty Salon box




Advent Resources

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas will be here before we know it!  It’s time to begin preparing our Advent activities.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

My Reasons for the Season is one of my pride and joys.  I really toiled over it’s creation and enjoyed every minute of it!  Hope it will bless your family!

reasons clip art





I am SUPER excited about Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey Advent Calendar this year!

odyssey clip art

Operation Christmas Child Lapbook

Each year during the month of November, our family prepares to put together a shoebox gift for Operation Christmas Child.  I thought it would be fun to learn a little bit about the history of OCC and collect some information in a lapbook as we put our shoeboxes together this year.

You could use this lapbook for your class, homeschool, Sunday School class, Girls in Action class, Girl Scouts group, etc.

We “followed our shoebox” and found out that it went to the Dominican Republic.  We decided to research that area and create a project for our homeschool association’s  International Festival.

This resource includes all the information and lapbook components for the following topics:

  • Cover
  • History of Operation Christmas Child
  • What will I put in my box?
  • What countries receive boxes? (includes cards with color flags)
  • I followed my box.  It went to…
  • Writing a letter for my box (includes printable activity sheet and blank stationary)
  • Operation Christmas Child Mission Statement

Please note:  I am not affiliated with Operation Christmas Child.  I just created this lapbook to go along with your shoebox giving.

Click here to order through Currclick.

Click here to order through TpT.


Mother’s Day Card – preschoolers

cupcake liner flower








Looking for a quick Mother’s Day craft for Sunday School tomorrow?  Here’s a really easy one!

  • Print these cards on card stock.
  • I purchased the flower cupcake liner from Walmart for about $3 (pack of 24).
  • I also purchased the mini white cupcake liners at Walmart for about $1.50 (pack of 100).
  • Use double sided tape to put a piece of candy in the middle. (I chose Hershey’s Bliss)









The above card is what our preschoolers will make.  Our babies at church will make these fingerprint bookmarks.   You can download and print the bookmarks from the site Share and Remember.  (I hope that Share and Remember doesn’t mind, but I used the stem and petal from her bookmark as the stem/petal on my card, above.  I thought it was really a cute style.)