FREE Father’s Day Sunday School Lesson

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A few years back, I posted a FREE Father’s Day Lesson for Sunday School.  I’ve updated it just a bit and wanted to post it again today in case you are looking for something for SS this week on Father’s Day.

This lesson points to the characteristics of our Heavenly Father.

Click here to see the post and for all the FREE printables!



Homemade Resurrection Eggs FREEBIE

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Last year, I posted about my Homemade Resurrection Eggs & Resurrection Rolls.  You can go to last year’s post here (That post included an Easter lesson for preschoolers so check it out if you need that).

I  thought I’d post again this year for anyone new to this blog.

You can download the FREE Homemade Resurrection Eggs book here.

This resource includes all the printables needed (directions, cover, tags for inside eggs).  It also includes directions and photos for making Resurrection Rolls.

I love this version of Resurrection Eggs because it uses real objects like a Cheerio for the “bread”at passover…leaf for the triumphal entry…etc.

Happy Easter!




John Baptized Jesus crafts









I had a minute and wanted to share with you a couple of Sunday School crafts we did with our preschoolers the other week.  The lesson was entitled, John Baptized Jesus.

We used the craft above for our Four Year Olds.

Here’s how …

  • Cut waves into the top of a plain envelope.
  • Color the envelope with a blue crayon.
  • Glue to a piece of light blue construction paper.
  • Draw a white dove using chalk.
  • Decorate two jumbo craft stick men and put them in the “water.”  We used regular markers for the sticks.

For our Toddlers, Two’s and Three’s, we made a simple white dove.









Here’s how…

  • Fold a paper plate in half.  (I let the Three’s fold their own with a little help.)
  • Glue on an orange triangle beak.
  • Add a googly eye (we found the sticker eyes and they are wonderful for this age group!)
  • Add a white feather.

John the Baptist was Born File Folder Game

john cover










As most of my readers already know, I am the Preschool Ministry Coordinator for my church. I prepare all of the Sunday School lesson materials ahead of time and leave them “ready to go” on the teachers’ counters each week. That way, a teacher can study the lesson at home and then come in on Sunday with all the supplies she needs at her fingertips. This is especially helpful when we have substitutes serving in the Preschool Department.

I created this craft to go along with the story, John the Baptist was Born. Provide each student with a file folder. Print copies of the cover and the two picture sheets. Provide each preschooler with a pair of safety scissors. (I will cut the cover pieces in advance and glue them to the folders.) Let the kids cut the picture sheets and glue one of each the matching sets to the inside of the folder. Store the other half of the match in a sandwich baggie. I usually staple mine to the folder so the kids don’t lose the baggie.

Let the kids work on finding all the matches. You may choose to explain that the bee images represent the wild honey John ate when he grew up. The grasshopper image represents the locusts that John ate when he grew up. Yuck! The other baby-related images remind us that John was a baby boy who was born to prepare the way for Jesus.

John the Baptist was Born File Folder Game on TpT for only $1.00!

Be sure to follow my blog for other ideas that I use in our church Preschool Department.

For His glory,


Homemade Resurrection Eggs free printables

Homemade Resurrection Eggs cover










Here’s a freebie that I hope you can use for Easter.  Each year, I always make Resurrection Eggs – either with my own children (especially when they were younger), a Sunday School class, AWANA group, etc.

To Make Homemade Resurrection Eggs-save and wash one half dozen egg carton for each child; write numbers 1-6 inside each egg cup; write corresponding numbers on plastic Easter eggs; put the following items in each and use to tell the Easter story:

  • #1 leaf (When Jesus entered Jerusalem, people waved palm leaves.)
  • #2 Cheerio (Jesus ate the “Last Supper” with his friends.)
  • #3 purple cloth (A purple robe was mockingly put on Jesus.)
  • #4 nail (Jesus was nailed to the cross & took the punishment for our sins.)
  • #5 cotton ball sprayed with perfume (Spices were used to prepare His body for burial.)
  • #6 leave empty (Jesus was not in the tomb, He arose.)

This resource includes the cover for the egg cartons.  Print, cut and glue on top of each half carton.

Also included…the paper tags that you cut and place inside each egg. I would probably just use these with older kids.  I think I’d just use the items only with little ones and just send home the entire sheet in tact for parents to refer to.

Finally, I included an excerpt from my A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum.  It’s a complete Easter lesson plan for preschoolers.

One more thing!  I included pictures and directions for making my children’s favorite Easter dessert – Resurrection Rolls!!!

Happy Easter!

Feel free to share this resource!


Note-If you just want the tags and cover printables, here they are:

Resurrection Eggs Half Dozen (tags)

Click the image below to download the cover pdf

Resurection Eggs Cover




Scripture Journals for kids

My Scripture Journal cover










I created this resource for my fourth grade daughter.  I wanted her to have a Bible Time each day.  She had been reading a devotional book each morning, but I wanted her to understand that nothing should take the place of actually reading God’s Word for yourself. God Word is alive and He often uses it to speak to us personally.

There are two journals included…one for girls with very colorful flower graphics and one for boys with various ball images.

Psalm 119:9, “How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping it according to Your word.” (NASB)  I want my children to know the Word and be very familiar with their Bibles.

These Scripture Journals have 100 carefully selected scriptures for your child to look up in his/her own Bible using the version you select.  Have your children look up one verse every day for 100 days. Not only will they become familiar with their Bibles but copying the verses will help with retention. You could also use this as a meaningful daily handwriting exercise.

Directions:  Print out a journal for your son/daughter. Have an office supply store spiral bind for you or simply put into a notebook.  Your child should look the verse up in his/her own Bible each day and copy the verse into the journal.

You can click here to order through Teacher’s Notebook or here to order through Currclick.  🙂


Ten Plagues of Egypt slide show

I created a Ten Plagues of Egypt Power Point slide show to use with the children I teach at my church.  It includes all ten plagues and the Egyptian god each represented.  For example, the 9th plague was Darkness – God was showing that He was more powerful than the Egyptian so-called god Ra (sun god).  God wanted the Egyptians and Israelites to know He is the One True God. 

Download this presentation for free below.  I saved it as a PDF because sometimes if you use a different version of Power Point, it won’t open up.

10 Plagues

If you have any problems, email me and I’ll send it to you directly.


Note:  I used the John MacArthur Study Bible for the Egyptian Deity list.  I also used several internet sources to try to verify.  I’m hoping this list is accurate.  There are several gods that could have fit for certain plagues.  For example, Hathor and Nut for Lice.

Bible Adventures book series

The  Adventure has begun!!

My first book in the Bible Adventure series is finally finished!!!  Yeah!!

It’s entitled, A Man with Two Names – the story of Paul.

You can purchase it on Amazon.

It’s a book straight from the pages of Scripture.  In fact, it includes most of the book of Acts!  A tween narrator named Jayar has written his comments and Word Checks throughout the book.

Jayar has also included some maps that he drew to show the four journeys Paul went on.  The maps even show where Paul was stoned (but lived) and shipwrecked!

Before your child knows it, he or she will have read through much of the book of Acts!

Check it out!  After all, the best adventures of all time can be found in the Bible!

And be sure to visit our brand spanking new blog!  We hope it will be mostly for children.  With the help of my middle schooler, we will be adding a “boredom buster” activity every Friday.  The one for this week is a homemade water sprinkler using a 2L soda bottle!  Fun!!

Book Cover

FREE Sunday School Lesson for Father’s Day

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Here’s a FREE Sunday School lesson for Father’s Day.

We meet in a large group when students first arrive.  We will be acting out the story of the Prodigal Son.  This lesson provides a great example of how a good earthly father and points toward our Heavenly Father.  All the printables you need are provided below!

Father’s Day  Sunday School Lesson


God is our Heavenly Father.

Memory Verse:

Psalms 86:5, “You are forgiving and good, O Lord, abounding in love to all who call to you.”

Life Applications:

God is our Heavenly Father.  He is forgiving; meets our needs; knows us; gives good gifts; is in control; and cares about our future.

In the Classroom:

Today is Father’s Day.  Let’s list some characteristics of our dads.  (Let the children list these orally.)  It’s important that we thank God for our dads.  (Be sensitive to those children who may not have a daddy present in the home.)

God is known as our Heavenly Father.  What makes Him like a father?  There are some characteristics of God that we will discuss today that you probably listed as those of a good earthly father.  Remember that earthly fathers are human and make mistakes sometimes, but we can always count on our Heavenly Father.

God is loving.

Read Romans 5:8 and Psalm 86:5

God is forgiving.

Read Matthew 6:14

God knows what we need and meets our needs.

Read Matthew 6:32 and Matthew 6:26

God knows all about you.

Read Luke 12:7

God gives good gifts.

Read Luke 11:13

God is in control.

Read Matthew 15:13

God is concerned about your future.

Read Jeremiah 29:11

If time…

Have everyone find Luke 15:11-31, in their own Bibles.

Read the “Parable of the Lost Son” from Luke 15:11-31 or tell it in your own words. (this will be acted out during large group time)

Memory Verse Activity:

Use the neck tie sheet to put the verse in order.  You can do this as a class, individually, or even have your students glue these in order on construction paper.

Download here: father’s day memory verse ties to unscramble


Younger Kids – “Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad…Hands Down!” card – Paint the kids’ hands and have them press their hands upside down (with the fingertips pointing toward the bottom of the sheet)

Download here: father’s day handprint craft

Older Kids –  Father’s Day Pencil Can  – decoupage words torn from magazines or newspapers using watered down school glue

father's day pencil can photo







Review the lesson above

Coloring pages

Sing, “Father Abraham.”

Complete the “I Like Daddy Because” survey

Download here: father’s day I like Daddy Because sheet

Act out the story of the Prodigal Son using the free lesson found here.


Bible Lesson on Love

I led a Bible lesson the other night at church.  I thought I would post a copy for anyone who may be looking for something to do with a Children’s Group that goes along with Valentine’s Day and love.


Have everyone find 1 Corinthians 13:1-3.  Have a volunteer read the verses.

Bang two pot lids (or cymbals) together.

Explain to your children that all the world hears is “noise” when we witness to them without love.

Re-read verse 1, which states: “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.

Act out the story of Paul and the Jailer from Acts 16:23-32.

Two children (Paul and Silas) are spread against the wall (like you would if being arrested).  One child is “laying stripes” on their backs.   I made a simple homemade whip for this.

He delivers them to the jailer and says keep them locked up tight…make sure they don’t escape or else!

The jailer takes them into the jail and puts their feet in stocks (I made these from cardboard) and checks the chains to be sure they are tight (you could just lay a large, clunky chain by the stocks and have the child kind of rattle it).

He goes off to the side and lays down to go to sleep.

Paul and Silas put their arms around each other and sing, “Amazing Grace” as they sway.

That night there is an earthquake.  (Have an adult turn off the lights.)

The jailer gets up and turns on a battery powered lantern.  He says, I know that earthquake caused the chains to brake open…The prisoners surely have escaped!

[Put a spotlight on the jailer, if you have one]  He picks up his sword and is about to fall on it. (instruct student playing this role to do this really funny; kind of like how a wrestler gets ready to fall down and do that elbow move on them…one, two, three…)

Just as he is about to fall on the sword, Paul yells, “We are still here.”

Lights come on.

The jailer rushes over to the prisoners and falls on his knees and asks, “What must I do to be saved?”

Paul says, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” (or have Silas say this, so both boys get to speak)

Doubtless Paul and Silas had been trying to witness to the jailer, but it wasn’t until they showed love by staying (when they could have escaped) that the jailer listened to what they had to say.  As a result, he and his whole household were saved.

Have volunteers read the rest of 1 Cor. 13:4-13.  These verses tell us what true love should be like.

  • Have volunteers come up and write the characteristics of love on a big heart cut out.
  •  Pass out 3 small construction paper hearts to each person.  Have them write John 3:16 on the hearts (if time allows).  Tell them they are to do an act of kindness to someone this week such as make their own bed and then leave a heart.

Here are pictures of the whip and stocks that I made for the skit:

I made the whip using a bamboo skewer and pieces of leather cord secured with black electrical tape.  I found the blow up sword in my children’s toy box.  I think it had been a Kid’s Meal prize.  You could made a sword from cardboard or find a foam one at a Dollar Store.

I spray painted the stocks and added a brad on the corner so it would open and close.