In His Presence Online Bible Study – Mary Day 3

summer women of the Bible study graphic

Extraordinary Women of the Bible – Mary Day 3

Today’s Scripture:


Luke 1:39-55

Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur book:

Chapter 6:  Mary’s Response of Worship

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2 comments on “In His Presence Online Bible Study – Mary Day 3

  1. Not sure if you are saving Luke 1:36-38 or mis-typed the passage a few days ago, but I wanted to comment on her initial response to Gabriel’s news. The commentary that I read: “Mary’s reply to the angel was the language of faith and humble admiration, and she asked no sign for the confirming her faith.”

    And so must we be, willing servants, ready to do God’s will!

    Luke 1:39-55 I enjoyed reading of Elizabeth and Mary’s interaction and conversation-in-song here, how special a record for us to read!

    Because of your encouragement to “dig deeper” and consult a commentary, I realized that in addition to the obvious topic of the Saviour, Messiah, this passage also emphasizes the need to fellowship and share joy with those around us of like mind, and like faith. Love that insight!


  2. You are so right! I just edited Day 2 to include vs. 36-38. Goodness, what a jewel of a verse we would have missed had we not continued reading!
    Luke 1:37, “For with God nothing will be impossible.”

    And I love…
    Luke 1:38, “…Let it be to me according to your word.” She willingly submitted to the will of God.

    Thank you, Sue!


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