Twelve Extraordinary Women Summer Online Bible Study – Hannah Day 1








Extraordinary Women of the Bible – Hannah (July 10)

Today’s Scripture:


1 Samuel 1:1-11

Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur book:

Read Chapter 5: Intro., A Cherished Hope, A Godly Heritage, A Holy Ambition, Love for Her Husband

(Note-This seems like a lot of sections for one day, but the first 4 sections set the stage of who this family was/who they descended from.  The section entitled, Love for Her Husband, supplements the Scripture we are reading today.)



2 comments on “Twelve Extraordinary Women Summer Online Bible Study – Hannah Day 1

  1. I noticed something about Elkanah in these verses: he cared that she wasn’t eating, he knew why she was not eating. He wasn’t indifferent.

    Vs. 7 – Year by year she went to the house of the Lord. How long had she prayed this same prayer with no answer?

    Would she have known about Sarah and Rachel, who were barren for a time, but whom God eventually gave a child? (Gen. 16 and 30)

    Why is all this bad stuff happening to me, Hannah must have thought. I have no child and I’m provoked by Peninnah.

    Vs. 10 – She wept greatly. She was desperate for the Lord to answer her prayer.

    Vs. 11 – Hannah referred to herself as “maidservant,” a humble was of approaching the Lord.

    I think Hannah wanted a child for several reasons: social stigma, wanted to dedicate him to God’s service.
    Don’t we desire our children to serve God with their lives too?


  2. If there is ever an example of who not to imitate, we see it in Peninneh. We should bear another’s burdens, and not add to them; and never strive to “add affliction on to the afflicted” (MHCC).


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