Kickstarter Update

kickstarter blog pic

We did it!  Goal #1 has been met.  I will be moving this free blog over to hosted blog with my own domain!  I’ll keep you posted all along the way as we make this transition next month.

In the meantime, we’re on a roll!  Why stop now?

Goal #2 is to hire a graphic designer to re-design the cover and inside of the Men’s Bible Reading and Prayer Journal.  I’ve found the perfect one – my friend Meghan, who designed the Women’s version seen in the photo.  $250 will get this done!

The Men’s Journal will be like the Women’s version but with a more manly designer cover.  It will include prayer strategy sheets such as Prayer for my Wife and all of the ones that are contained in the Women’s version.

My “purpose” or mission is to encourage ALL people to read their Bibles and pray daily.  I’m preparing an article which should post next Friday on why this is so important.  Be sure to Subscribe so you won’t miss it!  The ALL part of this mission statement includes…

Women – Journal, daily online Bible Study through our website and Youtube channel

Men – Journal designed for men

Children – Journal designed for children, Bible Studies for preteens, Growing Character Bible Study for Girls, Sunday School resources, Summer Camp curricula

Worldwide – Curricula to use for Mission Trips

Families – Daily online devotions on our website and Youtube Channel, Advent book

All of the above are already complete EXCEPT for the Men’s Journal (and I’d like to re-do the one for Children at some point).  

Would you consider helping me get the Men’s Journal designed?

If so, you can view my Kickstarter campaign here.

Be sure to check out my Youtube video where I show you the Women’s Journal cover to cover!  You can check that out here.


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