Article : Cleaning the Clutter


Article:  Cleaning the Clutter

A few years back, I heard Pam Tebow, mother of the famed quarter back and now baseball player Tim Tebow, speaking at an event.  “What’s Your Mission?” she asked.  She explained that if you’re a mom with young children, your mission is to be a mom.  It’s an important role.  There is great value in it.

I would add, if you’re a wife and mom, then your #1 mission is to be a wife and mom!  But, we know that women are multi-faceted and great at multi-tasking.  Sometimes God puts something else on our hearts to do; other ways to serve Him – maybe in a job or area of ministry.

For me, I’d say my “purpose” is to encourage all people to read their Bibles and pray daily.  I’m trying to weigh out every opportunity that comes my way and see if it falls under that umbrella.  If not, it could be an idol.  I may be putting it ahead of God’s will for me.

I have not yet read Lysa Terkheurst’s book, The Best Yes, but if it’s about what its name suggests, then I think I “get” it.  I need to decide what to put my time into.  If I’m not investing in my family or in my purpose, I may just be hoarding a bunch of clutter that needs to be chunked.

Spring officially ended seventeen days ago, but it’s not too late to do a little spring cleaning of your schedule.  Get In His presence daily with Bible reading and prayer and listen carefully to what He wants you to do.  Then, make sure you do it to the best of your ability without letting other things steal your energy and talents.  Shoot for what I call “Chic fil A” quality.  And believe me, you’ll be saying, “My pleasure,” when you hear God say, “Well done.”


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