In His Presence Online Bible Study July 6

summer women of the Bible study graphic

Extraordinary Women of the Bible – Ruth

Today’s Scripture:


Ruth 3

Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur book:

Read Chapter 4: Redemption page 298 (middle of the page) through 301 (stop after second paragraph)


If you’re new and want to learn more about this Online Bible Study, you can read more here.

You can watch today’s Youtube video here.


One comment on “In His Presence Online Bible Study July 6

  1. Don’t you just love when God keeps speaking the same truth to you over a short period of time? Last night at a seminar that I attended, we heard about the importance of teaching kids and teens to just sit with their big and often unpleasant feelings, then this week’s theme on WEAREGIRL365 is “Solitude” and finding comfort in being alone with God, patiently waiting for Him, and now, tonight, the commentary for Ruth 3 brings me to realize that this theme of “Being still” is present when Boaz tells Ruth that she is to wait on him, be patient, and he will take care of everything. Exciting!


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