In His Presence Online Bible Study June 29

summer women of the Bible study graphic

Extraordinary Women of the Bible – Rahab

Today’s Scripture:


Joshua 6

Twelve Extraordinary Women Book:

Read Chapter 3: An Enduring Legacy

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2 comments on “In His Presence Online Bible Study June 29

  1. Rahab lived in an evil town, but she chose to be a believer. We can look around and feel like we are swimming against the current with the way things look in society. But, the bottom line is that people need Jesus. That’s our end goal – growing the Kingdom. Do whatever it takes: pray, love, forgive, stand…


  2. Yes – STAND stood our for me in your comment after reading the passage for today’s study. Wow, how often do we and our children have to stand against this world? And how tough it is! Focusing on the end goal is easier for adults, I think, than children and teens, but we just keep speaking truth to our kids that they have been born into God’s family to do great things for HIM.

    Another point that I made notes on was how Rahab’s reward was extended to her family. My commentary states: “All her kindred were saved with her; thus faith in Christ brings salvation to the house, ( Acts 14:31 ).”


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