In His Presence Online Bible Study June 21









Extraordinary Women of the Bible – Sarah

Today’s Scripture:


Genesis 16

Twelve Extraordinary Women Book:

Read Chapter 2: Her Foolishness in the Matter of Hagar

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One comment on “In His Presence Online Bible Study June 21

  1. I so appreciate this short chapter. Shown as an example of taking matters into our own hands, and how nothing good can come of that, when we do so without asking God, and heeding His answer. MHCC: “much of the exercise of faith consists in patiently submitting”… to God’s timing. How true that is. In a recent sermon at church, the pastor spoke of how we think of faith in the context of trials and testing, yet rarely in how it is seen in the day-to-day. He used Abram and Sarai’s situation as an example. They were given God’s promise but then had to wait years for the promise to be fulfilled. What did this waiting in faith look like?

    I love that God makes Himself known to an Egyptian maid. That a “gentile” came to see and know HIM!


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