In His Presence Online Bible Study June 15

summer women of the Bible study graphic

Extraordinary Women of the Bible – Eve

Today’s Scripture:


Genesis 3:8-13

Genesis 3:14-19

Twelve Extraordinary Women Book:

Read Chapter 1: Her Humiliation

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3 comments on “In His Presence Online Bible Study June 15

  1. Wow – enjoying this – I have always found it doesn’t come naturally to me to dig into the scriptures as they are, and unpack them. Thank you for the guidance and the teaching.

    Interesting to note that the names of the first man and woman are not used yet. When God gave his judgement, it was fair, it was as He had promised the consequence would be. Interesting that Satan, still in serpent form, was still hanging around. Sooner or later sin WILL bring shame. Satan is a liar and a fraud and never to be trusted. God passed sentence starting with the source of the sin – Satan! Adam could blame Eve for offering the fruit, but he was the one who took it and ate. Sin brought death into this world, and this early in the Word, God shows His provision, and foreshadows our Saviour! Jesus suffered all of our curses on our behalf: pain, subjection, thorns, sweat, sorrow, and ultimately death.


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