In His Presence Online Bible Study June 14

summer women of the Bible study graphic

Extraordinary Women of the Bible – Eve

Today’s Scripture:


Genesis 3:1-7

Genesis 2:16-17

Twelve Extraordinary Women Book Selections:

Read Chapter 1: Her Temptation

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You can watch today’s Youtube video here.


One comment on “In His Presence Online Bible Study June 14

  1. A day late responding to this one. Reflections from my reading and studying these 2 passages: the enemy’s goal then, always and now has always been to separate us from the one true God. Eve was targeted when alone – my commentary says “the communion of saints tends to their strength and safety”, ie. a 3-cord rope is stronger? Satan’s temptation came from someone close and trusted of Adam – be careful of his wiley ways! “It is the craft of Satan to speak of the divine law as uncertain or unreasonable” – don’t we see this today in culture? So many gray areas, we need to maintain a firm trust and respect of God’s Word for us. Doubt is dangerous when it leads to denial of the Way. Satan may tempt, but cannot force – we choose! And finally, are we ever guilty of showing contempt for what God has bestowed on us, by lusting for more than we have, or even different? Hmmm!


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