FREE Bible Study for Kids – Nehemiah

Nehemiah cover

Nehemiah is one of my personal favorites!  It serves as a perfect picture of God’s Sovereignty.  It clearly shows He keeps His promises.

Through this study, your child will discover Nehemiah cared about others, prayed first before acting, obeyed God, was a good leader, and was determined and did not quit.

This Bible Study for kids is for girls or boys.  Your child will use his or her own Bible to study selections from the book of Nehemiah.  There are thoughtful, short answer questions to aid with understanding.

It takes just 15 days to complete this Bible Study.

This study includes a Prayer Journal at the end.  For every day of the study, there is a corresponding prayer journal page with related activities.

Also included: 3 cover options for girls or boys.

There is no greater thing your child can do this summer than spend time in God’s Word!


For His glory,



2 comments on “FREE Bible Study for Kids – Nehemiah

  1. Dear Kathy I thought you might like how I use your materials with my son. You see my son was ill when he was a baby and ran a 106 fever for almost 2 weeks. It was only by prayer and the grace of God that he is still alive. In 2001 my husband and I were told he would never get past the 1st grade level. I was devastated and then I remembered who I was. I am a Hebrew (Jew)/Irish Catholic on my mother’s side and I am Hebrew /Austrian Hungarian on my fathers site. Not one of those people gave up when times were hard. You can see by my remarks that my son is not a child. He wasn’t a child when we were given that information but I had gotten my son interested in school after he was mentally abused in a Public School in Kindergarten. Well now after 16 years my son loves learning as long as I use what he enjoys studying about. I don’t have a problem with that So I am using your Preteen materials to help him in his Bible studies. It may take me a long time to be able to get him through 8th grade but I don’t give up either. He can now do anywhere between high second in subjects he does not like to a mid 4th grade in subjects he does like and he is getting better. His brain seems to be rerouting itself so he is learning faster now.
    Thank you for your Free materials We live on a set income so I don’t buy homeschool materials because we can’t afford it. But just doing that is helping him learn and he is enjoying it.


    • Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. It’s such encouragement and confirmation. You see, God has been leading me to trust Him and offer products I write that are related to my mission of pointing people to read their Bibles and pray daily for free. I’ll be loading up this blog with freebies over the course of the next several weeks, so please check back every day. Blessings!


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