In His Presence Family Connection May 15


Today’s Post…

Read Luke 6.

There are so many things to notice in this one chapter. First, read this chapter together.  Let each person share the things they notice.

Here are a few things I picked out. (Be sure you let everyone try to discover for themselves before sharing my list.)

  • Jesus always answered with Scripture.  We should KNOW Scripture.
  • Jesus healed that man and the Pharisees were filled with rage.  It was a good thing that Jesus did, but they were always looking for fault.  They completely overlooked the good.  You can see their motives-selfishness, pride, fear…
  • Jesus continued all night in prayer to God.
  • Jesus chose 12 disciples among many.  Many had been following him, including the 12, but it was in this chapter that he singled them out.
  • He healed them ALL.
  • Verse 22 mentions “Blessed are you…when they exclude you.  Do you feel excluded sometimes for your faith?
  • Speck/plank – Do you ever find fault with someone, when you’re doing the same or worse? (verses 41-42)

Teach your children that when they study the Bible, they should read small sections (a chapter is a bit much for one sitting if you are really going to let it sink in.)  Pick out the things you notice at first.  Re-read it.  Give yourself time to think about what you’re reading.

I recently read this line from author and speaker, Nancy Demoss, who writes, “After spending extended time doing personal meditation, I will pull out other commentaries to shed additional light on the subject.” (

Make sure you give yourself and the Holy Spirit a chance to teach you straight from His Word.  The Bible is truly alive and active! (Hebrews 4:12)


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