In His Presence Family Connection May 11


Today’s Post…

Building on a Solid Foundation (Matthew 7:21-27)

Attention Grabber:

Object Lesson – Object Lesson Materials: bag of small marshmallows, box of toothpicks, paper plates Procedure: Divide out the marshmallows and toothpicks into groups on the paper plates. Tell the kids that they will have a building contest to see who can build the tallest structure with their materials in 10 minutes. Set a timer, then let them work in groups to build. When finished, talk about the challenges of building their towers. What helped them build a tall, strong tower? Having a strong foundation allows you to build bigger and higher. Share that today’s parable is all about building a strong spiritual foundation-one where  Christ is the center.

Bible Study:

Read Matthew 7:24-27.

Jesus said whoever “hears these words of Mine…” What words was He talking about?

He was talking about the truths found in the Bible.

It is so important that we read our Bibles and KNOW what is true based on Scripture. It’s important that we KNOW how God wants us to act. It’s important that we KNOW the commandments that we are to obey.  THEN, it’s important that we OBEY!

If we don’t obey and instead HEAR those truths and do what we want to anyway, we will be like the man who built his house on sand. When the tough times of life came along, his house just washed away. He didn’t have a solid foundation.

How do you think a Christian can have a solid foundation? Here are three ways…

  • Know God’s Commandments—Know the basic 10. Let’s see if we can remember them right now. (1-Do not have other gods besides the one true God. 2-Do not make an idol to worship. 3-Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God. 4-Keep the Sabbath day holy. 5-Honor your father and your mother. 6-Do not murder. 7-Keep your marriage promises. 8-Do not steal. 9-Do not lie. 10-Do not want things that be-long to someone else.) – Use the Ten Commandments poster found here, if you want.
  • Read your Bible Often—God’s word is active and “alive.” That just means that when you read Scripture, God can make something just stand out to you. This is one way Jesus speaks to you.
  • Pray—talk to God right back! Talk to Him about EVERYTHING! He wants you to. He cares about you so much. With all the millions of people in the world, you might think that He doesn’t have time to be that focused on you, but I assure you, He is! There are many truths in God’s Word that say that. (Read the “I Am” sheet from today’s Craft section.)


Make a wooden plaque with the I Am poster decoupaged on and other scrapbook embellishments.

Supplies:  thin wood sheet for each child, watered down glue in small paper cups.  Sponges (cut into quarters) – 1 for each child, I Am sheet, various scrapbook paper  scraps

I AM poster

I Am poster plain

Directions:  Give each child a wooden sheet, I Am sheet, cup with watered-down glue and sponge.  Have them dip the sponge into the glue mixture and spread on the board.  Then place the I Am Sheet and other scrapbook embellishments on the board to make a plaque.  (If you choose to drill holes in advance, then have the kids attach a rope hanger.


Human pyramid – try to build a pyramid with family members

Remember, you need a firm foundation (older ones on bottom)


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