In His Presence Family Connection April 28


Today’s Post…

We are reading the story of David, Nabal and Abigail this week.  We are really digging in.  If you missed those, you can click here and here and here.

We finished up the story from 1 Samuel 25 yesterday, but let’s take a closer look at Abigail today.  Recall how she dismounted her donkey, fell on her face and bowed down to the ground before David.   She was at his feet pleading with him and apologizing for Nabal.

Abigail did nothing wrong.  But she humbled herself and begged David’s forgiveness.

Read Philippians 2:3.  (Challenge your family to memorize it.)

What if we each asked, “What would make the other person happy?”

Scenario:  Sister – I want to play with my brother and his friends, but what would make my brother happy?  I know he enjoys playing with his friends alone sometimes.

Brother – I want to play with my friends, but what would make my sister happy?  I know she enjoys playing this game and wants to play too.

Home is a safe place.  We ALL have to work to keep it a safe place.  (emotionally)

Make a list of times when it seems hard to stop and consider the other person such as…

  • Tired
  • Hungry
  • In the middle of doing something
  • Focusing on something

What are some strategies you could use to help you stop, humble yourself and respond in the right way? (For example, I use silly band bracelet to help me remember different things I’m working on.  Right now, I’m wearing a yellow one for pride.)





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