Priscilla Shirer The Prince Warriors read along book & lapbook


Throughout the years of homeschooling, one of my favorite things to do (and I think the kids enjoyed it equally) was to read aloud a chapter book to them at night.

In your selection, don’t limit yourself to books at their reading level.  The listening level is much higher than the reading level, and let’s face it, most chapter books are much more entertaining!  Reading above the reading level also enhances vocabulary.

One of last books we’ve read in this way was Priscilla Shirer’s book, The Prince Warriors.  Last summer, we had little cousins visiting and we read a chapter or two each night.

I created a lapbook to go along with the book so it could be used for homeschool or if your child reads on his/her own, the lapbook can help check comprehension.

You can get the lapbook through Currclick at this link:

I highly recommend this book for many reasons.  Bu, the best one is that it is a great parallel of spiritual warface.  I believe it will be an eye opener – in a good way.  It’s high energy and a fun read – for parent and kids!

Note:  I haven’t created lapbooks for Books 2 and 3 in this series, but if you contact me, I’ll send you the editable Powerpoint file, so you can quickly create one yourself.:)


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