One Reason to Journal part 2

journal pic

A few days ago, I posted on One Good Reason for Journaling.  If you missed it, you can read it here.  I mentioned that I’d be back in a few days after taking a look at some old journals to share how I “broke free.”  Here ‘s an entry from that time.

Journal entry, August 29, 2013

      I was thinking yesterday about how I felt like my mind was finally reprogrammed.  For about a year, I was having to constantly remind myself of the truths – where my identity came from, my worth in Christ and that’s what matters, etc.  But yesterday, it hit me that I think the new thoughts are the foremost now.  The other ones seep in now and then, but they aren’t the prominent ones.  Praise God!

Did you happen to catch the time frame mentioned in the journal entry?  I went through about a year of constantly having to capture my thoughts.  This didn’t happen overnight.  I remember wearing a different colored silly band bracelet on my wrist just about every day to help me remember a truth I was working on.

For me, breaking free meant reprogramming my mind to God’s truths about me.  It meant understanding His character and thoughts toward me.  It meant recognizing Satan’s lies and dropping all the baggage he kept trying to make me carry.

Here are some truths that have helped me and maybe you need them too.

I Am poster.jpg

Download the poster my very talented friend, Meghan, designed here:

I Am poster

Right in line with this “breaking free” concept is reading the Bible daily and praying.  That’s really the key to any victorious living.

To sum it up…

Breaking free is about identifying the real source of wrong thinking (Satan), capturing and replacing wrong thoughts with real truth, and DAILY getting into His presence with Bible reading and prayer.   

Keep those eyes open!

Love in Christ,











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