One Good Reason for Journaling

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Journaling has been part of my routine for many years.  As a child, I religiously wrote in a diary about how I was feeling, what happened that day, etc.  As a young adult in college, I began journaling my Bible Study times.  In my middle adult years, I journal all of those things.  I wonder what my journaling will look like when I’m old?  I’m sure if I can still hold a pen, I’ll still be doing it!  It’s something I value for many reasons.  Today, I want to share one good reason for journaling.

I was sitting on my front porch this morning in my rocking chair with my cup of coffee and  journal.  I have a houseful of visiting little cousins to keep mine company this spring break week.  And as I prayed for those inside, I thought that I truly want each of them to live secure in the knowledge of their value in Christ.

One of the priceless treasures sifted from the ashes after my husband left, was discovered after the resulting face plant onto the ground before God.  I “broke free” from so much of the baggage Satan had tricked me into carrying.  This new freedom is just part of who I am now, so even though it was a looong process, it’s hard to think back and remember the steps involved.  What was the process like of getting from Point A (major acceptance issues and a worth that came from what others thought of me) to Point B (living in the full assurance that I am a child of the King and His thoughts toward me are what matter.)


Off to my journals, which I keep lined up in an old milk crate.  I’ll return here in a day or so with more on what I find.  But, in the meantime, are there any “breaking free” stories you’d like to share.  Comment and let us all, “Come and see what God has done: He is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man.” Psalm 66:5.


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