Nehemiah’s Wall craft & game


Nehemiah’s Wall

I needed a quick craft for Sunday School last week and came up with this one on the spot.

Directions:  I used construction paper and cut slits in two sides and taped up like a box.  The kids added stickers to the inside, but with a little more planning, you could enhance it by drawing stone blocks on the wall, adding stand-up people inside, etc.


Defend the Wall

We also played this game.  It was suggested in our lesson (We use Lifeway’s Gospel Project).

Directions:  Stack the cups and have several students stand in front to “defend the wall from enemies.”  The rest of the class stands in line behind a piece of tape.  They take turns throwing a soft type ball and trying to knock down the wall.  Those defending the wall should bat with their hands or kick the ball away before it wrecks the wall.

In His Presence Family Connection April 28


Today’s Post…

We are reading the story of David, Nabal and Abigail this week.  We are really digging in.  If you missed those, you can click here and here and here.

We finished up the story from 1 Samuel 25 yesterday, but let’s take a closer look at Abigail today.  Recall how she dismounted her donkey, fell on her face and bowed down to the ground before David.   She was at his feet pleading with him and apologizing for Nabal.

Abigail did nothing wrong.  But she humbled herself and begged David’s forgiveness.

Read Philippians 2:3.  (Challenge your family to memorize it.)

What if we each asked, “What would make the other person happy?”

Scenario:  Sister – I want to play with my brother and his friends, but what would make my brother happy?  I know he enjoys playing with his friends alone sometimes.

Brother – I want to play with my friends, but what would make my sister happy?  I know she enjoys playing this game and wants to play too.

Home is a safe place.  We ALL have to work to keep it a safe place.  (emotionally)

Make a list of times when it seems hard to stop and consider the other person such as…

  • Tired
  • Hungry
  • In the middle of doing something
  • Focusing on something

What are some strategies you could use to help you stop, humble yourself and respond in the right way? (For example, I use silly band bracelet to help me remember different things I’m working on.  Right now, I’m wearing a yellow one for pride.)




In His Presence Family Connection April 27


Today’s Post…

We are reading the story of David, Nabal and Abigail this week.  We are really digging in.  If you missed those, you can click here and here.

Tuesday, we read that Nabal refused to give David and his men some food, even though they had provided protection for his sheep and shepherds.  So, David tells his men to get their swords.  He and 400 of his men head out to attack Nabal.  In fact, David vows to kill Nabal and all the men in his household.

Fun Fact:  David didn’t get to keep Goliath’s sword after beheading Goliath with it.  It was actually kept by the priest, Ahimelech, and wrapped in cloth and stored in a tabernacle.  Later, David finds it!  He’s now using it as he leads his men.  Read 1 Samuel 21:9.

Read 1 Samuel 25:14-17.

One of the young men told Abigail what Nabal had done.

Read 1 Samuel 25:18-19.

How did Abigail respond?

Why do you think she did this?

Read 1 Samuel 25:20-22.

Abigail rode up on a donkey as David was coming down toward her home.

What had David vowed to do?  (verse 22)

Read 1 Samuel 25:23-31.

What did Abigail do when she met David?

Had Abigail done anything wrong?

Re-read 1 Samuel 25:28.

Do you think Abigail believed God would make sure David was appointed King over Israel some day?  (Remember, right now he is hiding from Saul.)

Read 1 Samuel 25:32-35.

Did David agree not to attack?

Can you imagine what would have happened if Abigail had not chosen to humble herself and bring food to David and his men?

Tomorrow, we will talk more about humility and what it means to be humble.  This is a great lesson for siblings, so be sure to come back here tomorrow.

Growing Character Bible Study Journal Week 10 Abigail & Humility

growing character cover

I just added Week 10 to the Growing Character Bible Study Journal.  The character word is Humility.  The Character Study is Abigail.

I LOVE Abigail!  She was a beautiful, intelligent, wise woman, who brilliantly displayed humility.

This entire story is so fascinating.  In fact, I based my Family Connection Online Bible Study this week on this story. Check it out here.

Here’s a little teaser…

Do you know what happened to Goliath’s sword after David used it to behead him?  Did you think David got to keep it?  He didn’t!  But, later he finds it.  It was stored in a tabernacle and he gets it back!  (1 Samuel 21:9)

Please do me a huge favor and let your homeschooling friends know about this resource.  It’s near and dear to my heart!  I truly believe that our girls need to be in the Word every day!  I want them to study these awesome women of the Bible as they are growing into awesome women of God themselves!  I recommend getting a white notebook with a clear pocket on the front.  Print the cover sheet and slip in the clear cover pocket.  Fill the notebook with the weeks I’ve already finished.  Add to the notebook as new content is uploaded.  When finished, your daughter will have 47 weeks worth of Bible studies in her notebook! And hey, buy her a super cute pen to go with this!;)  You can also get creative with the bookmark.  I’m thinking a trendy ribbon hot glued on the spine (kind of like the ribbon ones found in Bibles) would be a good idea.  Let us know in the Comment section if you have other ideas.

Click here to order through Teacherspayteachers.



In His Presence Family Connection April 24


We are reading the story of David, Nabal and Abigail this week.  We are really digging in.  Yesterday, we talked about the setting.  You can click here, if you missed it.

Today’s Post…

Read 1 Samuel 25:2-3.

Describe Nabal.

Describe Abigail.

Nabal’s name means “fool.”  We will see that Nabal’s name fits him perfectly.  He’s going to act very foolishly toward David.

Read 1 Samuel 25:4-8.

David heard that Nabal was sheering his sheep. Feast Day was a special day of celebrating after all the sheep had been sheared.  The owner was overjoyed at the abundance of wool he could now sell.

What reason did David give for asking for some food during the feast?

Read 1 Samuel 25:9-11.

How did Nabal respond?

Did he give David and his men some food?

You can be sure that news of David and Goliath had spread.  You can also be sure that Nabal had heard about how Samuel had anointed David as the next King of Israel.  (1 Samuel 16:13)  The first part of the chapter we are reading this week hints at this.  It says that Samuel had died and Israel gathered together and lamented or mourned for him.  (1 Samuel 25:1) Samuel was the last judge of Israel.  Nabal knew all about him and about David.

Why do you think Nabal responded the way he did?

Read 1 Samuel 25:12-13.

How did David respond?

Let’s see what happens on Thursday.  (I don’t post on Wednesday since we are a church.)



In His Presence Family Connection April 24


This week’s Family Connection will be a little different and you can Comment and let me know if you like it.  We will study one Bible event the whole week.

Read 1 Samuel 25:1-38.

Explain that you will unpack this story all week.

Today, we will just focus on the setting.

David was on the run from Saul.  He went to a desert area.  He was soon joined by 600 men (1 Samuel 23:13) .  They were made up of men who were in distress, in debt, and discontented.  (1 Samuel 22:2).  David became Captain over them.

I found this picture for the Wilderness of Paran.  You might be able to find another picture to show your family.  If so, comment and share the link, please.