FREE Easter Preschool Unit

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Here’s a FREE Easter Preschool Unit for your little ones (below).  This is an excerpt from the A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum.  Holiday lessons are built into this year-long curriculum.

(Note:  The complete book is on sale for only $3 right now through Currclick’s Penny Pinchers Sale.

Special Holiday Week – Easter

Letter:  Review

Color:  White

Number:  Review

Shape:  Diamond

Scripture:    For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  Romans 3:23

Theme:  Easter Week

Letter Skills:

  • Review Letters covered so far


  • Review Numbers covered so far

Shape Practice:  Heart

  • Diamond Hide and Seek:  Hide diamond cutouts all over the house and let your toddler go on a diamond hunt.
  • Diamond Stamping-cut diamond shape from inexpensive sponge and let child stamp away


  • Play with white play dough.
  • Finger paint with white paint on black paper.
  • Easter Egg Color Hunt:  fill large rubber maid container with several bags of Easter grass (or paper from shredder); hid plastic eggs inside; as child finds egg, have him tell you the color
  • Colorful Easter Table Cloth-purchase inexpensive twin size white sheet (or use old sheet); use clothespins to affix sheet to fencer or just lay on ground outside; fill several spray bottles with different colors of fabric paint; let child spray the paint all over the sheet; when dry these make colorful table clothes for the kid’s table during Easter dinner


  • Easter Bucket-ask large restaurant like Cracker Barrel to save a big vegetable can for you; wash out and spray paint white; let child add stickers, paint, fun foam Easter shapes, glitter, etc. to decorate; drill two holes in each side and string ribbon in holes for handle; put Easter grass in bottom
  • “Dye” Easter Eggs-explain that the reason we “dye” them is to remember that Jesus “died” for us
  • Decoupage Eggs-provide plastic Easter eggs; seasonal brightly colored napkins; and watered down glue with paint brush; let child tear the napkins into small pieces; paint the egg with glue and stick napkin pieces on top; when covered, brush with glue all over to smooth down any loose ends; when dry, place in a basket and these will be a lovely table decoration
  • Plant A Basket Full of Flowers-recycle old Easter basket by adding plastic to bottom for liner (large zip lock works well); add soil and seeds; attach a bow to handle; this makes a great Easter gift for grandparents


  • Jelly Bean Shaker-jelly beans are a choking hazard for young children, but they make great, colorful shakers; put jelly beans in clean water bottle; secure lid and shake away; toddlers will love looking at all the bright colored jelly beans shaking around
  • Sing, “We Wish You a Happy Easter” as you would “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”
  • Do the Bunny Pokey-put your ears, nose, cotton tail, feet, etc. in

Game Time:

  • Easter Egg Hunt-explain that eggs are a sign of new life in Spring
  • Bunny Hop Relay-have starting line and finish line and let child hop instead of run
  • Pin Tail on Bunny-provide bunny outline and cotton ball for tail; invite friends over for this (focus should not be on Easter bunny; instead tell children that baby bunnies are born this time of year; Easter means new life)


  • Scripture:  For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  Romans 3:23
  • Tell Easter Story.  Keep it simple:  Have child help make Homemade Resurrection Eggs-save and wash a half dozen egg carton; write numbers 1-6 inside each egg cup; write corresponding numbers on plastic Easter eggs; put the following items in each and use to tell the Easter story:
    • #1 leaf (When Jesus entered Jerusalem, people waved palm leaves)
    • #2 Cheerio (Jesus ate the “Last Supper” with his friends)
    • #3 purple cloth (a purple robe was put on Jesus)
    • #4 nail (Jesus was nailed to the cross & took the punishment for our sins)
    • #5 cotton ball sprayed with perfume (spices used to prepare His body)
    • #6 leave empty (Jesus was not in the tomb, He arose.)

Snack Idea

  • Resurrection Rolls-unroll crescent rolls on baking sheet; take large marshmallow and roll in butter and then in cinnamon sugar; place one in middle of each crescent roll and have child wrap crescent roll securely around the marshmallow; pinch any holes shut; bake according to crescent roll package directions; marshmallow will melt leaving an empty “tomb;” these are meaningful and delicious
  • Cross Shaped Jell-O Jigglers-make Jell-O Jigglers according to package directions; use cross shaped cookie cutter to cut




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